Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Colt Fake Interview.

I've known Colt for many many years now, And in no way has that been a
negative thing! Always a good time, always a smile, Always full speed...
Colt is just a wild piece of work with a good attitude. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't think much, and maybe he really doesn't! Anyway He is the man...
Find out what you didn't know about the one and only -

How old are you? 23 on august 16!!!

What do you do for work? i work for my dads company fake productions. we do alot of stages for different kind of events, and our big job of the year is building Halloween horror nights at universal studios. i really wish i could start getting paid for riding my bicycle sometime though

What goes on where you live? Where do you live? i live in ocoee. not much goes on around couple friends that did live here, moved. and all my c-berry friends our 25 min away. im actually in the process of getting my own place, im soooo excited i cant wait

What's your favorite website to check for funny shit? james covington showed me years ago and they update it every monday wednesday and friday. besides that i just find random stuff on youtube. and check up on my friends sites (

Any reason that you always chew on a straw or some other object? i think it has to do with nerve calming. like a stress ball kinda. i always am curling my toes, or wrist, and the dentist says i grind my teeth in my sleep. so i think its just a habbit i have that im ok with

When did you realize that your wrist's can take any amount of impact? well at kyle painters old old old house (6 years ago) he had a quarter pipe at the edge of his car port roof. we would jump on and off using the quarter, and i remember one time i just kept landing lower and lower on the quarter till i finally relized "hey, its not that bad landing flat off here!"

As a child, did you jump off many roofs? And what made you ride as wild as you do? when i was younger, right before i got into riding, i had a trampoline and a bunch of stunt was so fun just flying in the air off the trampoline pretending and explosion blew me away, and land on the mats. after that got old i would jump off the highest point of my parents roof onto the mats. it was such an adrenaline rush, and i think thats why i ride the way i do. just the feeling of flying, danger, adrenaline and the relief of escaping certain death when you land hahaha
What's next for Colt fake? BIG THINGS. i hope. my signature frame with bonedeth COLT45 is coming out soon and i hope its a big hit with the kids. ide love to get some more sponsors that pay. maybe get bumped up on osiris. move into my own house, make my own ramp setup

Questions from Kyle Painter:

What's your beer of choice? im gonna go ahead and say colt45 cuz its kinda like a self promotion haha

Why is your jungle fever so high? i love all women. its not about the color its about the curves. im a booty fanatic

whats ur take on helmets? just like everything else in the world, good things have side effects, bad things benefits. helmets can prevent bad head injuries but they are just so hot n sweaty and annoying. riding without a helmet feels free and natural, but have life threatening dangers. street riding looks funny with a helmet. but im not gonna hate on some one for doing it. i probably should do it haha

Chick wit booty or chest hair? chest hair so it still looks good when hittin from behind

How many times have you been knocked out? me not know. me lost count. me hope not anymore

Did you actually truthfully F**k my mom? no but ur mom told me she caught you making your dog like your nuts via cheese

Questions by James Covington:

Why do you have horns growing out of your shoulders? i dont know but i like your idea that a should tattoo them so it looks like metal spike ripping out of my skin.

You ever jumped off of a hotel with a dildo stuck to your head? haha yes. that was on the mesh trip for megatour. one of the best trips i have ever been on. so much fun with all the mesh boys. RIP mesh.

Are you an Evil Boy? explain! this is from the same mesh megatour trip.i was a wastoid putting on stiv bators evil boy and singing it obnoxiously when we were on long overnight van rides

Questions by Jamie Maurie:

Why is your PP half black and white? if you really wanna know the lighter part is the part that grows when i get hard

What happen to the roof of your car? hoes say what happen to yo roof, bitch i dint want it! bump me a drop top im living for the moment. rocking a convertible cavalier until i have enough money to finish fixing my cream dream el camino

Question by Jay Wilson:

Why do You drool so much? its fun

Question by Albie Bennet:

Why are you always squinting? my mail man was asian

Questions by Brien K.:

Why does Chad Kagy ate you? i never knew he did?! ide like to find out too

What grade did you get on this video you made?

A+ baby! its was suppose to be school related and i went kinda off topic but it was funny and my teacher was cool. that was in 06

More random questions by me:

As of since we last spoke, Who are your current sponsors? bonedeth, banned, osiris flow, and wolf brannnnnd

What's your favorite music to ride to? the partisans,ramones, three six mafia,stiv bators, steel pulse, the stitches,operation ivy,
tim and eric, the briefs, bad brains,no cash,folly, cock sparrer, cool kids,
angelic upstarts,ween, bone thugs, choking victim,outkast, black sabbath, gucci, waka

Current top 3 favorite riders? mike escamilla has a bad ass new video out right now and hes always been a favorite and hes still got it!

When are we finally going riding together again? soon i sware

The End!

-Mark Mulville

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