Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gettin it!

Some heavy sessions have been going down at Mark Potocznys house lately,
Including 2 days in a row of some of my all time favorite riders growing up.
Above Groundchuck just chilling, laying out a flat table and looking just
as comfortable as he did years ago. Chuck was also roasting the piss out of
one of mark's biggest lines and laying down the moves on it as well.
Good to see him back on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A character/legend in the making- Ryan Wert, Always a treat to watch on his bike
and to be honest sometimes better to be amongst and watch off his bike.
I love this kid. Wert is currently staying in Austin TX. with Stew J. and I could
only imagine the things he is getting into out there. See you soon Wert!
Oh yeah, Above Wert plants a tree mid air with his foot!!!!!

Mike Saavedra from Cali came here to stay with me to hang out and to
cruise some and film for the new S&M bikes video.
Bad news though, while filming some super rad shit at Mark's house
(that I've never seen anyone do there) he ended up having a slip up
and getting hurt. I'm not sure what actually happen to him, but either
way "I hope you are better now or get better asap mike"

Now this is a wild dude to be around, in all the best ways possible.
I've been lucky enough to go on a few trips through out the years with
the 40 year old Fids and every moment with him is a hoot for sure. Always
laughing and making people laugh and having a good time all the time.
This dude is a legend for sure and still has years of riding ahead of him.
Above Fids blast's a big stretched and held nothing on the last jump at Mark P's

-Mark Mulville

Monday, October 18, 2010

Southpark's first BMX contest.

A little late on my end with this photo. Tyler Valentik airs high with a tobog.

Kyle McRory jamming it up.

The 15+ class

The 14- class.

Thanks to Taylor McRory and Adam Litwin for putting this event together,
And a big thanks to Shane with Round2 bmx shop for hooking this thing
up big time... Also a big thanks to all the parents for the food and beverages
and for bringing the kids along for a good ol' time, Thanks!

-Mark Mulvile

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Stevie Romain: Winner in my eyes, and for real...
Romain is a little ripper on his bike, and not only on his bike but off it as well.
I wanna say congrats to him on winning the high air contest at the welcome jam
recently. so congrats!!!!!!

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Wolf rider edit!

Tom Villarreal is the newest rider on Wolf Brand and i am
nothing more then excited to have him on.. This kid is too damn good,
as you'll see when you watch this edit..
Fuck yeah Tom

More BMX Videos

-Mark Mulville

Uk makes it's way!!!

The fids!!!!!!!
I have been on a few trips in England already with the legendary S&M rider,
And the guy is nothing but amazing. Amazing as a rider, and that he has been
doing it for as long as I've been alive, But also amazing for his personality.
Fids always seems to be having a good time, laughing and joking and hanging
out with the youth of bmx today...
So, with all that said it was amazing to walk out of my house the other day
and see the bmx legend standing in my drive way ready to go to the trails,
And that is what we did.
Thanks Fids, and hope to see you again while you are in the states!!!!

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vans Kill The Line, France

Good times, Good people, Good riding and Pretty much good everything...

I snaked these photos from where there are loads more
of wildness and goodness photo's to check out...


That's all.

-Mark Mulvile

Anarchy in the UK.

More like "beauty in the UK"
My buddies Phil and Louie took me to this spot called Durdle Door,
Which is part of the Jurassic coast in Dorset England.
Along with Durdle Door, The rest of the surrounding area is also just as
beautiful, with it's white cliffs and clear blue waters.

The door was formed from softer rocks eroding away from the sea
over thousands of years, And eventually the arch will tumble into the sea.
Shit, that would suck, since its such a gorgeous place...

Go visit this place... Now!

-Mark Mulville