Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet day, and more...

Such a crazy/eventful 2 hour session at southpark
the other day, Mostly good and fun but also some
not so good. Saw my buddy Nick D. go down pretty
hard cause his stem snapped in half (which i've
never seen one snap the way it did).
Right after Nick went down, this little random kid
on a scooter rolled up to us and gave us the finger,
then proceeded to roll up to everyone in the park
and give them all the finger as well, oh and when he
would throw it up he would grunt at you. What a cutie...

Not quite a Wolf but as close as we can get while
at the skate park i guess is a little Fox... The Fox was
pretty sweet though, just roaming around eating
and sunning and just looking all around cool as shit.
I'm naming him "Phillip the Fox".

Check out 11 seconds into this and you'll see
Mr. Wert

-Mark mulville

Sunday, April 25, 2010



Ok, so the owner came down to the trails after being MIA for 15 years and told us he was selling the land. After a couple weeks of dealing with him, the Bethel Park Municipality, and Kevin's mom, and thanks to Zimmer, Mr. Richie, and some smooth talk, we were able to buy the land.

We are so close to pulling this off we just need your help!!


You need a PayPal account for this. If you dont have one click the link to make one, it only takes a second. Thanks.

Other ways to help

If you want Donate money by sending cash or check contact me.

Douglas Richie

Home: 412-854-4856

Cell: 412-874-5767


Friday, April 23, 2010

Indiana park with bubs

So I've never been to studio 334 when it was open
but i always heard good things. What i have also
heard is that the outdoor Indiana PA park is really
alike to studio. I had a chance to go check it out the
other day with some pals and i must say it is awesome.

Bobby always showing his ASS off to all of us.
I tried to shoot so many shots of him but for some
damn reason i messed every one of them up.
I think it was the camera, not me actually...

It was a fun session but at the same time a heavy
hitting session, with stunts like whips, flips, 360s,
and shit loads more. So not only was it super fun
riding, but it was super fun to watch as well.

...And were having a good time, having a good time.
You ever hang out in a cock pit?

More whips, Ryan Fisher relearned whips on this day,
and they were good and fast. Fisher is silly...
Also saw little fish sticks skying way high on
all the quarters through out the park.

Even more whips????? Duh, why not!
Chris (the demon) Doyle basically did every trick
and entertained us through out the day by doing so.
Doyle is also a silly fella, so after the session we
headed to his casa to watch the penguins game which
was a hell of a good time besides them losing in the 3rd
over time... Oh well like they say "ya win some ya lose some"

Oh the good times.

"Love your friends, die laughing" - pg 99

-Mark Mulville

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bobby Valentine

1. Name, age, middle finger size, current feeding grounds?
Be-Bah Valentine, 9 years old, a finger that’s just long enough, I feed wherever the lambs are.

2. Whats your favorite beverage and why?
Coors Extra Gold, because you can call it Currs, or Eric Gathers, and because it makes you feel like a dog in heat.

3. What are the first and last videos you've made?
I made a video in high school that I taped over by accident, which is probably ok because it was filled with 16 year old titties, which is fine when you’re sixteen, but I’m not 16 anymore. I don’t know if it had a name. The last video I made was Welcome To Pittsburgh, “This Is Fun.”

4. If you had to pick either Kris Bennett or Chad Degroot to beat the shit out of, who you it be? (you have to pick)
I’d definitely fight both of them, but I’d be the one to get the shit beat out of because they’ve got that old man strength. I’d fight Chad because he’s better at making jokes than me, and I’d fight Kris because he’s shorter than me and he’s my boss sometimes.

5. Its a dog eat dog world out there, do you consider yourself ahead of the dog game by being a wolf?
This isn’t a game.

6. Would you rather eat fried eggs or fried hotdogs?
Fried hotdogs without a doubt.

7. Do you have any videos in the works?
There’s always footage piling up. Hopefully a Wolfish video will pop out soon.

8. sunrise or sunset?
They’re both pretty sweet. Sunrise means it’s time a ride, and sunset means it’s time to party. Unless you partied too hard to ride, or rode too hard to party. I don’t think the second one has ever happened, but a little hair of the dog can go a long way. Sometimes too far.

9. You made some shirts for your blog ", do you have any more in the works?
We’ll see. There are always plans, but they usually just stay at that level.

10. Who are your 3 or 4 favorite bike shop owners?
I’m pretty sure that most people that own a bike shop are probably pretty cool. Obviously Shane at Round 2 out does any radness level, but Chad at Mr. Bikes and Boards was on Jerry Springer so he’s smarter than everyone, except maybe Vic from Circuit BMX in Rhode island. Vic’s smart because he has an accent. I don’t think anyone can top the Cottle family at Outspoken/ OBMX, because they’ve got kayaks and a horse.
11. Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
Not in real life. I saw a cartoon once in health class. All my friends and I are never-nudes, so I’m not really sure what goes on under there.

12. I've heard you play the guitar a lot lately, do you have any songs you wrote or plans of a live performance?
The songs we all wrote where most of the words were wolf growling was sweet. I think I’ll keep the live performances to by the fire at the trails.

I know this stuff is usually before hand but screw it.
Bobby V. has been my roommate/best friend for
years now, and in no way has that been bad.
The dude is almost as smart as Pat G. and most
likely can drink way better and more then you.
Not to mention he kills it on a bike, on a guitar,
behind a camera, as a badass dude and many
more good things.
Just saying.
Hope you enjoyed getting inside the head a
little bit of good ol' Bob.


-Mark Mulville

Saturday, April 17, 2010

6 pack challengers

Challenges can be fun or not fun depending
on what they are... Well here is a challenge
that i think most of you shall enjoy trying.

You have sorta just witnessed the 6 pack challenge.
The trick is to shotgun them or as we like to do,
renegade them using your thumb, its way more fun.

These silly fellas

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wert gets Fat

Profiler : FAT FAVORITE list with Ryan Wert
Posted by Bart on 2010/4/14 1:30:00 (165 reads)

Name: Ryan Wert
Age: 21
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Kink bike co, Wolf Brand Clothing, Round 2 bmx shop, Sun Ringle

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Imperial Cement park
-BMX video: Welcome 2 Pittsburgh vids
-Web video: anything that is fun
-Food: pizza
-Travel destination: anywhere that a good time is to be had
-Riders to ride with: Mulville, Potoczny bros, Bobby V, Casey Seech, Joe Pacotinni
-Car: VW

-Movie: too many to name
-Colour: black
-Shoes: comfortable ones

-Bike company: Kink
-BMX contest: Brawlin at the Belmar
-Bike shop: Round 2

-Restaurant chain: Taco Bell
-Clothing company: Wolf brand
-Phone: whatever works
-Music: anything to get pumped on and sing

-Ramp rider: Tom Dugan
-Street rider: Joe Pacotinni
-Dirt rider: Mark Mulville
-Flatland rider: Jeff Smee
-Old school rider: Glenn Johnson even though he is not old

-Drink: Beers
-Trick: Air time
-BMX Magazine: Case
-Video game: life is a video game

-BMX photographer: friends that are pumped
-Sport besides BMX: skullball
-Party: everynight

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Call it a day...

...It's a day
Now that spring has sprung and the days are what
we could call beautiful its time to be out doors at
all times. Bobby Valentine, Ryan Fisher and I
all had an outdoor day of fun and ill prove it now..

So i mentioned in a recent post of the new buttons
and ways you can use them, one way being in your
nipple which i thought wouldn't actually be done.

Well i was proved wrong as Shane from Round2
bmx shop went ahead and poked through.
Not a bad idea if anyone else wants to join in..

Bobby ripped all day before having to go to work.
He has been finding the best tire slide transfers
all around Pittsburgh lately, its badass and some
are well scary if i might add.

Ryan Fisher can go the highest in Pittsburgh...
??????????????? If not he can go damn close to it.

-Mark Mulville

Friday, April 9, 2010

Song, song of the South

Casselberry Florida is nothing but a good time
all the time, even when your sitting around it's
still somehow awesome as shit. So that being said
why would we not make it our final destination
on the trip....?

The Wolves were in full effect with the full moon
raging up above us, somehow stickers started to appear
near girls booty holes even, crazy but good
and we all know that good is good enough.

Father party himself Eric Payne got a keg because
he knows how to have a good time and that we did.
Another solid party boy Bobby V. gave the keg hell
from start to finish, that guy can sure drink a brew
down hard and heavy. I bet he'll out drink you.....?

The party is not over yet.
(check sideline dudes face)

Beer Beer Beer and fuck it Beer. If you have ever
seen any of the Dr Steve Brule then you should
ask Garret Guilliams to show you his impression
but try and pop the question while yourself and
him have plenty of brews inside your body.

For your wine

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to Savannah GA.

Day 2 of the southern style Wolf Brand trip.
Were in beautiful, historic Savannah Georgia.
Savannah still has that old feel to it sorta with
its homes and parks and all around everything i guess.

What Savannah didn't have that much of was a
party, but with only 6 of us we somehow changed
all that.

Ohhhh and we rode our bikes a little bit at this
awesome home made skatepark, it was a badass
set up, but only thing was it was super slippy
and way to easy to wash out but we still cruised
it and had a good time. Goddamn little Ryan Wert
started going nuts before we peaced out
foot jamming everything and airing every which way.

Then we partied more and more chugging
booze, playing guitar, singing songs, chugging
booze, playing games, chugging booze and fun.
(check bobby's face in this above shot)

Poor Wert had a bit to much of the chugging
and had to let loose in the potty area to make
room for more chugs and that he did.

The trip is over now
but keep checking for more trip
pics and stories and edits soon.
Thanks to
Ryan Fisher
Bobby Valentine
Ryan Wert
for helping make a hell of a good time trip

-Mark Mulville

Monday, April 5, 2010

Buttons buttons bubs buttons

The new Wolf Brand buttons just made there
way to my door step and i am very pleased with
how they turned out. So here they are my friends...

These things will go good anywhere you want.
You could put them on your pants, shorts, hats,
shoes, nipples or anywhere your heart desires.

I don't know if any of you saw the recent full
moon or not but this is a shot i took of Ryan Wert
in front of the moon while we were in Florida.
Pretty cool that once the night hits and the
moon is full we turn into creators of the night
aka Wolves (and yes this means red rockets)...

-Mark mulville

Availability of the Wolf

So here are the 2 new designs and what they look
like while covering your upper body, pretty neat ehh..

The shirts are now available at a few sweet places.
Mike Cottle of obmx and wastedyouth97 blog spot
is now carrying them straight from the blog, click
the wastedyouth97 link for that.
Also if you are in the pittsburgh area come check out
Round2 bmx for your Wolf brand needs since they
have all the shirts in as i type.
We have a few new carriers as well on the way.
CTBMX out of Connecticut will be carrying the Wolf
and another badass shop out of Providence RI.
as well known as Circuit Bmx, so go get them and
support your local shops...

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wert Wolf/Wasted youth

Wert, Cottle and Fisher all went to the
Orlando skatepark for a little cruising,
But of course Wert couldn't just cruise...

I've only seen a few people ride this place
to its full potential, its pretty hard to get used
to and get the lines down but it seems Wert
had no worries in doing so. One person that
goes nuts at osp is Joey j. damn he rips it damn.

Mike Cottle took a bunch of shots of Wert
that came out awesome, Most of them will
be on the wastedyouth blog check it out now.

Also Wolf Brand shirts will be available off
with other items available for your shopping needs.