Friday, April 23, 2010

Indiana park with bubs

So I've never been to studio 334 when it was open
but i always heard good things. What i have also
heard is that the outdoor Indiana PA park is really
alike to studio. I had a chance to go check it out the
other day with some pals and i must say it is awesome.

Bobby always showing his ASS off to all of us.
I tried to shoot so many shots of him but for some
damn reason i messed every one of them up.
I think it was the camera, not me actually...

It was a fun session but at the same time a heavy
hitting session, with stunts like whips, flips, 360s,
and shit loads more. So not only was it super fun
riding, but it was super fun to watch as well.

...And were having a good time, having a good time.
You ever hang out in a cock pit?

More whips, Ryan Fisher relearned whips on this day,
and they were good and fast. Fisher is silly...
Also saw little fish sticks skying way high on
all the quarters through out the park.

Even more whips????? Duh, why not!
Chris (the demon) Doyle basically did every trick
and entertained us through out the day by doing so.
Doyle is also a silly fella, so after the session we
headed to his casa to watch the penguins game which
was a hell of a good time besides them losing in the 3rd
over time... Oh well like they say "ya win some ya lose some"

Oh the good times.

"Love your friends, die laughing" - pg 99

-Mark Mulville


  1. I missed yinz/yunz that day. i know protoz tried calling me but my cell phone is done for and i was stuck in class anyway. next time....