Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bobby Valentine

1. Name, age, middle finger size, current feeding grounds?
Be-Bah Valentine, 9 years old, a finger that’s just long enough, I feed wherever the lambs are.

2. Whats your favorite beverage and why?
Coors Extra Gold, because you can call it Currs, or Eric Gathers, and because it makes you feel like a dog in heat.

3. What are the first and last videos you've made?
I made a video in high school that I taped over by accident, which is probably ok because it was filled with 16 year old titties, which is fine when you’re sixteen, but I’m not 16 anymore. I don’t know if it had a name. The last video I made was Welcome To Pittsburgh, “This Is Fun.”

4. If you had to pick either Kris Bennett or Chad Degroot to beat the shit out of, who you it be? (you have to pick)
I’d definitely fight both of them, but I’d be the one to get the shit beat out of because they’ve got that old man strength. I’d fight Chad because he’s better at making jokes than me, and I’d fight Kris because he’s shorter than me and he’s my boss sometimes.

5. Its a dog eat dog world out there, do you consider yourself ahead of the dog game by being a wolf?
This isn’t a game.

6. Would you rather eat fried eggs or fried hotdogs?
Fried hotdogs without a doubt.

7. Do you have any videos in the works?
There’s always footage piling up. Hopefully a Wolfish video will pop out soon.

8. sunrise or sunset?
They’re both pretty sweet. Sunrise means it’s time a ride, and sunset means it’s time to party. Unless you partied too hard to ride, or rode too hard to party. I don’t think the second one has ever happened, but a little hair of the dog can go a long way. Sometimes too far.

9. You made some shirts for your blog ", do you have any more in the works?
We’ll see. There are always plans, but they usually just stay at that level.

10. Who are your 3 or 4 favorite bike shop owners?
I’m pretty sure that most people that own a bike shop are probably pretty cool. Obviously Shane at Round 2 out does any radness level, but Chad at Mr. Bikes and Boards was on Jerry Springer so he’s smarter than everyone, except maybe Vic from Circuit BMX in Rhode island. Vic’s smart because he has an accent. I don’t think anyone can top the Cottle family at Outspoken/ OBMX, because they’ve got kayaks and a horse.
11. Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
Not in real life. I saw a cartoon once in health class. All my friends and I are never-nudes, so I’m not really sure what goes on under there.

12. I've heard you play the guitar a lot lately, do you have any songs you wrote or plans of a live performance?
The songs we all wrote where most of the words were wolf growling was sweet. I think I’ll keep the live performances to by the fire at the trails.

I know this stuff is usually before hand but screw it.
Bobby V. has been my roommate/best friend for
years now, and in no way has that been bad.
The dude is almost as smart as Pat G. and most
likely can drink way better and more then you.
Not to mention he kills it on a bike, on a guitar,
behind a camera, as a badass dude and many
more good things.
Just saying.
Hope you enjoyed getting inside the head a
little bit of good ol' Bob.


-Mark Mulville