Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Call it a day...

...It's a day
Now that spring has sprung and the days are what
we could call beautiful its time to be out doors at
all times. Bobby Valentine, Ryan Fisher and I
all had an outdoor day of fun and ill prove it now..

So i mentioned in a recent post of the new buttons
and ways you can use them, one way being in your
nipple which i thought wouldn't actually be done.

Well i was proved wrong as Shane from Round2
bmx shop went ahead and poked through.
Not a bad idea if anyone else wants to join in..

Bobby ripped all day before having to go to work.
He has been finding the best tire slide transfers
all around Pittsburgh lately, its badass and some
are well scary if i might add.

Ryan Fisher can go the highest in Pittsburgh...
??????????????? If not he can go damn close to it.

-Mark Mulville

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