Monday, May 30, 2011

Wolf eats the Toast.

"Brought some great energy to the contest. Those toboggans are dialed!"

Wert and some friends took the journey to Austin Texas this past
weekend for the Texas Toast Jam that Taj put together.. Not sure how it all went, But I know that Wert Wolf was there doing his thing, And doing it quite well it seems by
this T-bog shot by Andrew Brady...
Nice one dude!

-Mark Mulville

Pijin bmx Holds down England..

Pijin bmx in Southampton England just picked up a few of the New WOLF BRAND
Tee's, So head on down there and check it out...
Also, if you can't make it down to Southampton, Then you can go check out
Pijins online store, and place an order that way.

Pijin is a really cool shop loaded with all the bmx goodies you know and want,
and they also really support the Local riders, which is always a good thing and
helps create a bigger and better riding scene.. So go support them...!!!

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visit to the Nike Pool.

Took a trip yesterday to the Nike pool in the London area with
the guys from Pijin bmx shop in Southampton UK .
The Pool was insanely Good except how slippery it was, but that's
okay.. Just getting to ride it was good enough!

My camera died after taking a few shots, But I managed
to capture this one photo of Robbie Legg hitting the box,
early in session...
Thanks to Nike, and big Thanks to Pijin for letting me tag along.

Also in Wolf Brand news -
Pijin just picked up 4 of the new WOLF BRAND designs for the
shop and web store.. As of now Pijin is the only UK shop
with the Wolf Brand goodies in stock, So hit them up!

-Mark Mulville

The little ones are on it..

The young Halahans - Lukas and Nathan are at it again, with a awesome new Wolf Brand edit filmed over the winter that is finally passing over in the Northeast..
Thanks to Nathan Osche for putting this Edit together!

Keep rippin it mates.

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Future...

The future of Bmx and Wolf Brand :
Lukas and Nathan Halahan.
The little rippers finally got there package of Wolf Brand goodies
in the other day.. To be honest, I'm probably just as excited about
it as they are! These 2 kids have real good attitudes, good parents and
some amazing skills on a bmx!
You'll most likely being seeing the around the country, and who knows -
Maybe around the world soon enough..
Good Job boys, and see ya soon enough!

-Mark Mulville

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wert through Cottle

Casselberry Florida has had the pleasure of housing Ryan Wert for Quite a while now, and a treat it has been.. His antics on and off the bmx are nuts!
Always a good spirit and a great at getting you pumped up at pretty much any given time.!
Anyway, here is Ryan during one of his last sessions riding Casselberry trails before headed back to Pittsburgh, PA.
Luckily Mike Cottle was around to catch this Tuck No hander by Sir Wert, Since I am in the UK.. So thank you mikey! And Thank you Wert for the good times!

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trail day at PSA.

Today was a good day!
A few of us took a little trip out to Bulford England, for a sweet trails session at the PSA trails.. The trails were chill and really fun for sure!
I was able to catch a few shots of some boys cruising through the jumps..

Tom Bond - Kicked out seat grab.
Mike Netley - Tucked up to his bum.
Alex Dallimore - Takes his hands off.
Louis Smith - Proper no foot can can.

Thanks to all the Locals for allowing us to cruise the jumps and for being badass dudes.. Hope to see you all again!

-Mark Mulville

Poole session.

My 3rd day in the UK, Louis Smith and I took a train from Southampton to Poole to hang out a bit and cruise some bmx.. We ended up going to the local skatepark there where Phil Aller met up with us.
The session pretty chilled, but good! Louise was all over the place jumping everything in site and doing stunts for days.

Enough said!

-Mark Mulville

Friday, May 20, 2011

Case issue coming soon..

I got a sneak peak at the new issue of CASE MAGAZINE coming soon,and its well good!!!!!
Prepare for it!

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to England..

-Mark Mulville

Monday, May 16, 2011

The WOLF Pup's

I give you, The Halahans:

The Halahan family of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania have been a big supporter of WOLF BRAND since the start.. Jennifer and Micheal (mom and dad) Bring the Pup's all over the country to race and ride and of course all over Pittsburgh's skateparks and tracks and such.
Anyway - Lukas and Nathan Halahan are rippers on anything they ride, So as of now the 2 little fellas are a part of the WOLF BRAND crew..

Congrats Lukas and Nathan!!!

-Mark Mulville

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shirts at Circuit Bmx

These 2 shirts are available at CIRCUIT BMX shop and online store.. Check it out.

And go cruise!

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Wert is quite a character, In a good way! Here are some things you all wanted to now about him...

(corns brother) How many days a week do You take a shower?
1 1/2 half or 2, maybe.

(Alex Dallimore) How much were you attracted to Alex Dallimore?
About as much as Biggie was attracted to Chompers (The Casselberry dogs that humped) after they interlocked.

(corns brother) How many pairs of socks do You own?
One pair of crusty socks.

(Young Joey) Do you wear underwear?
Not really... Maybe in the winter.

(Jason Bouchard) What was the condiment bottle you've chugged at a party?
Wert "The italian dressing, or the syrup?"

(Young Joey) How often do you hang around the queer bums?
When they decide to randomly show up at the trails..

(James T Covington) Are you albino?
NOO!! But that little shit head keeps asking me!!


(to corns brother) Why are You so much more developed then your brother corn?
I don't know?I ask myself the same thing. I've even asked my dad why...

Why are is corn so loud and you are not?
Cause I don't have to prove anything, and corns a shithead!

How old are You now?
15, but I'll be 16 in a week.

Why do you keep checking out Charlies pecker?
I wasn't! I was checking out the knife!

When did you start riding a bicycle?
Last december. (Charlie said) "Your late"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Whats Garret listening to?

Garrett's I-Pod.

Best band to ride to?
Well to get things started, G-Man does not own an ipod ha. But on a nicer note I am still able to listen to music due to modern sciences. Best band to ride to...WASP or Light This City! Indecisiveness will reign supreme by the way!

Best band to drive to?
As of late, I'd have to say this way kick ass fast heavy metal band balled called SKELETONWITCH. Leaves my face melting each time.

Best band to fly to?
If you have no ipod, go with the hair metal station! It'll leave your head begging to be banged!

Best show you've ever been to?
Karaoke night!!!!!

Best metal band?
MAIDEN!!!! Countless jams!!

Best electronic band?
I don't think I know of any.....BLUE MAN GROUP!!

Best old wave band?
I wanna say Flock Of Seagulls but I don't even know what they sound like

Best overall US band?
Meatloaf! Or Kind Diamond. The choice is yours!

Best British band?
Def Leppard! Or Spice Girls...whatever suites your fancy!

If there was only room for one album in your I-pod, what would it be?
Facing The Thousand by LIGHT THIS CITY! Little try before you buy!...go for it..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is how we do!

Some of the Casselberry Natives just hanging with the rig... Deal with it!

-Mark Mulville

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tom V. and the Tree..

This is a bit old but still amazing!!
Tom made it out to the Casselberry trail jam recently with no intentions to ride due to injury.. Later in the day there was a contest on the super sketchy vert wall/tree ride with a $100.00 bucks stuck way up the tree.. So Tom decides he is alright enough to make the attempt at the $100.00... Sure enough he gets it first try.. Wild!!!!!
Good job Tom and glad to see You finally riding again!

-Mark Mulville

Sunday, May 1, 2011