Saturday, May 14, 2011


Wert is quite a character, In a good way! Here are some things you all wanted to now about him...

(corns brother) How many days a week do You take a shower?
1 1/2 half or 2, maybe.

(Alex Dallimore) How much were you attracted to Alex Dallimore?
About as much as Biggie was attracted to Chompers (The Casselberry dogs that humped) after they interlocked.

(corns brother) How many pairs of socks do You own?
One pair of crusty socks.

(Young Joey) Do you wear underwear?
Not really... Maybe in the winter.

(Jason Bouchard) What was the condiment bottle you've chugged at a party?
Wert "The italian dressing, or the syrup?"

(Young Joey) How often do you hang around the queer bums?
When they decide to randomly show up at the trails..

(James T Covington) Are you albino?
NOO!! But that little shit head keeps asking me!!


(to corns brother) Why are You so much more developed then your brother corn?
I don't know?I ask myself the same thing. I've even asked my dad why...

Why are is corn so loud and you are not?
Cause I don't have to prove anything, and corns a shithead!

How old are You now?
15, but I'll be 16 in a week.

Why do you keep checking out Charlies pecker?
I wasn't! I was checking out the knife!

When did you start riding a bicycle?
Last december. (Charlie said) "Your late"

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