Friday, May 13, 2011

Whats Garret listening to?

Garrett's I-Pod.

Best band to ride to?
Well to get things started, G-Man does not own an ipod ha. But on a nicer note I am still able to listen to music due to modern sciences. Best band to ride to...WASP or Light This City! Indecisiveness will reign supreme by the way!

Best band to drive to?
As of late, I'd have to say this way kick ass fast heavy metal band balled called SKELETONWITCH. Leaves my face melting each time.

Best band to fly to?
If you have no ipod, go with the hair metal station! It'll leave your head begging to be banged!

Best show you've ever been to?
Karaoke night!!!!!

Best metal band?
MAIDEN!!!! Countless jams!!

Best electronic band?
I don't think I know of any.....BLUE MAN GROUP!!

Best old wave band?
I wanna say Flock Of Seagulls but I don't even know what they sound like

Best overall US band?
Meatloaf! Or Kind Diamond. The choice is yours!

Best British band?
Def Leppard! Or Spice Girls...whatever suites your fancy!

If there was only room for one album in your I-pod, what would it be?
Facing The Thousand by LIGHT THIS CITY! Little try before you buy!...go for it..

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