Friday, November 26, 2010

ANTHEM II premiers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anthem 2 Pittsburgh Premier.

Probably the biggest and most awaited video ever in bmx
was premiered here in Pittsburgh, PA. the other day, Thanks to
Stew Johnson and Shane from Round2 bmx shop.
(both on stage above introducing the video)

To kick off the night the first Anthem was shown, Which came out
in 1998, and a lot of younger kids hadn't seen it yet, so they got a
little history lesson.
That wasn't all though. In between videos, Jason Stieg's (who had a section in Anthem 1)
band played called "The Best Evers".

I wanna thank Everyone for coming out to this awesome event,
and to thank Stew and Shane for making it all happen and also to for these photos that i stole...

-Mark Mulville

Costume party in November.

Not only dudes showed up in costume...
Above: The sisters (Sarah & Shannon) showed up, and thanks to them the
party got better since Sarah brought a strobe light dvd, and Shannon
Brought the speakers so the music bumped all night.

Wolf bub (Bobby Valentine) dressed up pretty good, or you can say
didn't really dress up at all... Bob wore nothing but a lamp shade to cover
his thing in the front and a little American flag to cover his bum crack.
Bob made a new friend this night who was so into his costume, he mocked
it with a milk carton. The carton with its end cut out, only
covered his junk, with nothing covering his crack in the back...

A keg of lions head beer was bought and gone in about 2 hours or less.
This was quite a good party, with a good amount of dancing,
and laughter, and everything good.
Too much going on in the above picture, so I'm not gonna
give a description for it. Just figure it out!!!!

Ryan Popple and his babe Katy showed up in opposite roles.
Katy was a bearded lumberjack (shown above)
and Mr Popple (2 pictures up) was a cute chick.

Chaz Mann (who just left us to head back to the UK after 3 months with us)
was some sort of metal head, or bum, or something... Whatever he was it looked
pretty cool, and with his babe Missy showing up as a sexy librarian, which
is always a good one...
Thanks to everyone who showed up and had a swell time!!!

PS- Chaz, we miss you already!!

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wert does Austin Texas!

Ryan Wert! Damn....
A god amongst humans? A alien disguised as a person? A boy?
A man?????? You make the call people....

I recently spent a week in Austin Texas where Wert has been staying for quite some
time now staying with Stew Johnson, which is the very same spot i layed
my head, so i got to hear all the wild and craziness that comes out of his mouth.
Wert is one of my favorite people to be around in almost every way!
Always up for fun, always entertaining, always looking fly. Not sure where I'm
going with any of this, but whatever...

In the top photo: Ryan Wert gets some ink work done on his leg.

This wild little tyke killed every spot we rode in Austin, That's for damn sure!
Watching him ride the Empire ramp was quite a treat!

Here Wert Lays the bike out with only one hand gripped on.
What we'd call a: One Handed Table

Of course being the strange but amazing little character he is,
Wert rips on a scooter as well...

Airing out a few feet on Stew's ramp in his yard..
Woohoo Wert!

You can't just scooter a ramp in any clothing, DUH!!!!!!!
Wert shows you all what to wear while cruising a scoot.

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last sessions...

Kyle McRory made this little edit of some cruising recently...
Sucks, that the trail season seems to be coming to an end, or already ended..
Till next year

-Mark Mulville

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wolf Rocks...

Some boys and I took a hiking/camping trip deep into the forest of PA.
Where we ended up at Wolf Rocks, Pretty sweet if ya ask me...

Pictured above is the boys (Jeff Smee, Chaz Mann, Gary Demartine.) and myself on Wolf Rocks... This place was amazing.
We ended up setting up camp about a 100 feet from these cliffs
at a random spot. No one fell or jumped from the cliffs so it was all good.

Taking down the tents in the morning, I just watched Chaz do all the work
cause i wasn't in the mood to do anything except make spears and throw that at him..
Go check this place out if you have the chance.. its gorgeous...

bye bye

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Witching hours.

Ryan Popple and his lovely lady Katy invited a slew of hooligans to
there house for a pre-Halloween/get weird party, and we'll just say
it was quite a hoot.

No stranger to parties, Bobby V. showed up in nothing but a cloth
covering his naughty regions and a stick with a shoelace tied to it..
Not sure if his Halloween attire could be found at your average
costume store though..

Popple and Tom...
Enough said!

"We go hard" - Goldmine Gary.


-Mark Mulville