Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anthem 2 Pittsburgh Premier.

Probably the biggest and most awaited video ever in bmx
was premiered here in Pittsburgh, PA. the other day, Thanks to
Stew Johnson and Shane from Round2 bmx shop.
(both on stage above introducing the video)

To kick off the night the first Anthem was shown, Which came out
in 1998, and a lot of younger kids hadn't seen it yet, so they got a
little history lesson.
That wasn't all though. In between videos, Jason Stieg's (who had a section in Anthem 1)
band played called "The Best Evers".

I wanna thank Everyone for coming out to this awesome event,
and to thank Stew and Shane for making it all happen and also to
Leastmost.com for these photos that i stole...

-Mark Mulville

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