Monday, March 29, 2010

Wolf art

This is as of now number 1 selling Wolf brand shirt
artist Shannon Fidler. I'm so appreciative of this
picture she drew, its badass as hell looking.
But anyway just saying she is cool and hooked it up
so anyone who likes the Wolf, part of it comes from her
and we give thanks.

-Mark Mulville

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wolf trip day 1

We drove all night from beautiful Pittsburgh PA
to arrive somewhere in South Carolina around
4:00 am and sleep on benches, not bad...
Oh but rain sucks while sleeping outside uncovered.

After waking up around 8:30 am we proceeded
to make our way to the Hilton Head skate park.
Bobby and I have been there before but the two
Ryan's (Fisher and Wert) have never been.
We all ended up having an awesome as hell time,
riding for a good 3 or 4 hours straight we were beat.
Nut up and .... ..

Bike racks
are stupid, just saying. Why do we
need them? we don't. As you can see they are just
a waste of money, its cheaper for straps and bungees.
Deal with it suck its.

Don't have any shots of us actually riding today
but who needs those when you can expect a sweet
edit one day from the southern Wolf brand trip...
It's just day one so look out for more awesomeness
on this fella soon.

Stay tuned

-Mark Mulville

Friday, March 26, 2010

Alot of Wolf out there

So here’s issue two, took long enough huh? You can thank old man winter for that one.

Here is a little more Ryan Wert for you. Nut up and fuck it

brought to you by Mr. bobby (big finer wolf) valentine

Ryan Wert Interview Part 1 from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

Happy birthday Gia

-Mark Mulville

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Wolf can only grow.

It's about time for this to all come together.
Kyle McRory clearly loves to ride his bmx,
and if you ever watched him ride you can see
that. Along with seeing the love you will
notice how good he is, impressive is a good
word for Taylor McRory's brother Kyle...

Kyle started getting hooked up from Round2 bmx shop
when it first opened up which was awesome. I was
always super into him since i met him as a dude
and as a bmx rider, so sure enough he became a
Wolf, well that wasn't enough...
Now add on S&M bikes to his list os awesome
hook-ups. Congrats to Kyle on always having a
good time.

-Mark Mulville

Wolves come out in the spring.

What a day i tell... Southpark cement skatepark
and bmx track are finaly open which means
spring is up and running smoothly.

Everyone came out of hibernating to come cruise
Southpark and everyone was sure excited to be
back on there bikes outdoors. Adam was
foot jamming everything in site, it was badass.

I think bobby v. has the most wild lines I've seen
yet at southpark. If i had video of him it would
make more sense but who cares just take my word
for it.

Joey showed up straight to ripping, I saw out
the corner of my eye a bike flying in the sky
and a long ass leg kicking the back of the over
vert thingy and sure enough it was joey
doing the wild fast plant you are prolly
peeping at right now.

Of course master blaster himself Kyle Mcrory
shows up to out do everyone going full speed at
everything in sight, This bub is a treat to watch.

A dog in the making Romain, always
super excited to be just cruising on his
bmx. Steve is a natural bottom line.
Super smooth and flows everything.
Love it...

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wolf brand shirts are done.

The new Wolf Brand shirts will be in my hands
Monday. The sky is clouded up with total
excitement now, i can see it as i type.
Aaron and jon and maybe some others from
ggsb screen printing got it all done and they are
good. Scoop them up, its spring time so nothing
better then a scoop, or something...

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wolf did it again. He did what???

Wert done gone and made himself a screen saver.
The way i see it is that someone has to save it,
so why not Wert...
check out ride bmx website for this sweet shit.
That is all.

-Mark Mulville

Monday, March 15, 2010

Steve Romain interview

Young Romain is someone to keep your eyes
on i think. This kid is badass in I'm pretty sure
every way (atleast I am yet to see any bad side).
Now you can learn a little bit about this fella...

1. Name, age, what grade are you in and whats your living situation?
- Steve Romain, 10th grade, living at parents house.

2. So you ride dirt bikes as well as bmx, what did you get into first?
- Yeah i ride dirt scooters as well...I got into riding and racing dirt bikes back when i was 6 years old.
3. Whats the biggest jump you've done on your dirtbike?
- The biggest jump ive hit on my dirt scooter was 110 feet.. 4th gear wide open.. It was a blast!!

4. What do you like better candy or pizza and why?
- Candy fer sure!

5. you ever had a sick pet and no one even cared?
- Naaa when my dog is sick Mamma dukes takes it to the vet.

6. You got a girlfriend? or do you live the dog life?
- Dog life fer sure!!

7. What were you dressed as for last halloween?
- I dressed as Steve Romain last halloween haha.

8. How long have you been a wolf?
- I have been a wolf since.. late january, early february.

9. Whats your favorite beverage?
- Mountain dew!

10. Got any sweet plans coming up in the near future?
- Yeah.. deff wanna ride alot more and get a lil better at riding bicycles thats about it.

That's just a little in the life of Steve Romain.

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get ready, the attack soon begins...

Its about time. The new Wolf Brand shirts
are at the printers now being handled and
getting ready to hit the mail which means
before you know it they will be available
for purchase. The shirts are being made on
Anvil tee's that are basically the same as
American Apparel shirts, so if you like
American Apparel you shall like these as well.
The first batch is kinda small so get at me
asap about this if you would like and well
get it worked out. i will have a paypal
link up soon as well.

-Mark Mulville

Friday, March 12, 2010

Signs of spring.

Spring is making its way slowly into our lives
lately, which means time to pick up a shovel
and get to work. Zimmer, Brody, Kevin and
others have been putting in some heavy work
now that the ground has thawed out.

Still some snow on the ground but its melting
away fast now, its about time the weather changed
up a bit in Pittsburgh and even better that
it was for the better, yes lots of rain is to come but
that's just how it goes. Soon enough trail season
will be here and happiness will be with us all.

New season, new jumps. Lots of changes been
going down at ptt, and they are looking hot.
expect big berms, big jumps, big rollers and
plenty of big smiles. The Wolves are howling
and the birds are chirping, oh and the beers a

good quote from today i heard...

"You never know what your gonna get cause
I never know what im gonna do"

...So keep the heat a coming, the boobs a bouncing and the beer still flowing.

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keep Casselberry alive

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marks Old DELUXE Frame

So the guys over at DELUXEBMX were nice enough to let us put Marks old Deluxe L frame on The Casselberry Ebay page! Mark rode this frame for 3 months also included is a Kink headset, Profile Spanish bb , and a shadow chain . A huge thanks goes out to Mark at deluxe and Mr. mulville.

Ryan Wert interview part 1

1. Name, age, foot size, current living situation?
- Wert,21,10,live in the parents denn

2. How long have you been a wolf?
- since before mandkind was even a thought

3. Whats your favorite bike shop? and why?
- Round 2 obviously shane is the best ever!!

4. Why do you not live in bobby's and my apartment?
- because i am stupid and dumb but stupid and not dumb all at the same time clean or dirty sheets dont matter so nut up and fuck it

5. Whats your current 3 favorite bands?
- friends jammin

6. Are you better at riding or drinking? or doing both together?
- well ....... you decide on that one

7. Being a wolf would you rather eat a bald eagle or a baby deer?
- i would for sure eat a bald deer

8. If you had to date Johnny Depp or Lil' Wayne, who would it be and why?
- lil wayne cause everyone knows he has all that jungle fuel if ya know what i am talking about.. and if you dont know than i am sure that sounds gay but suck it fuck it and grow a huge big clit!

9. Have you ever been in a cockpit?
- ummm well you could call it that i guess cause i have been in a pitt with a bunch of dudes and i guess you could call that a cock pitt i donno maybe yes no for sure or possibly all in one

10. You ever thrown a chiuaua off the roof in the projects?
- i once threw at least 4 of those dogs off all at once but you can only imagine how hurt they were cause first off they are not wolves and they cant do shit.. so i kinda felt bad for those poor excuses for k9s

Thanks Wert.

- Mark Mulville

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tattoo on a wolf.

Ryan Wert does it again, by does t again i mean
impressed the world, Wert sure knows how to
step it up and this time he does so with getting
the local pittsburgh bmx bike shop
Round 2 bmx
tattoo going across his ass and using his asshole as the o
in round. Clever little bugger ehh.
Wert has been doing some solid goodness
non stop i hear since I've been gone,
on and off the cruise machine.
keep it up bub. and see ya soon

-Mark Mulville

Monday, March 8, 2010

Man with a plan?

Bryce Toole aka Bruce Toole is one hell of
a character, and thats not a bad thing in his
case one damn bit. I've known sir Bruce for
I'd say almost 10 years or so. I've watched
him grow and change in many ways as we all
do in growing. I think Bruce has molded himself
into who he really is now, or atleast for now.
Bruce is one of those people that does his own
thing at all times. His life is full of weirdness
and adventure, him and Jeff Smee last year
rode there bikes from Pittsburgh en route to
Orlando, the final destination was not Orlando
but they did end up getting over 700 miles in
cruising, crazy part is they were both on brakeless
bmx bikes, crazy kids i tell ya.
I was with Bruce today chatting and hanging out
and he mentioned a plan of riding the whole
continental United states hitting all the states
and doing so alone. Best of luck to him, and i know
he will pull through, this dude is for sure weird
but so amazing to be around with so much positive
attitude, meet him now.

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Subrosa Wolves

Subrosa team trip in florida just ended and as
a witness of the entire trip ill say it was nuts.
Riding wise everyone did super amazing shit
non stop, I've never seen alot of these dudes ride
in person and I'll say now I'm impressed.
lashaan killed it so hard,and like i said everyone
else did to. I saw drew york kill himself time
after time on one of the wildest lines done
on the trip, you'll have to wait for the
Subrosa dvd "Get Used To It"
to come out and see for yourself.

A Wolf in all of us? Yes indeed.
Best part of the trip besides everyone
getting shit hammered every night was
all the howling i heard and took place
in, It was amazing let me just say...
Well i just said it so even if you say
no don't say it mark, well to late.

Orange peels of Miami, anyone hungry?
Your hunger would be satisfied if you were
riding through downtown Miami and saw
the peels. These things are more than amazing
but are a total bust right away, we somehow
got to ride them for about 5 minutes which
is awesome. Eat up kiddies...

Hop in a van with 9 friends, drive all over
the place, ride a shit load, drink a shit load,
see a shit load and everything else a shit load
I bet you'll have the time of your lives.
Try it. Warning though, you will get tuckered out

There is a boss, leader, man in charge(or woman)
for everything. Sometimes that person can
make things worse and sometimes better.
Ryan Sher was as you say the boss man of
the Subrosa trip, Better isn't even the word for
this trip. Ryan made sure everyone had the best
time possible, along with himself having that
same time. It was amazing. Thanks ryan.

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Romain or ice burg? Romain wins

Steve Romain and some peeps took a little trip out to rays recently to escape the
snow and ride some sweet shit, while there he was able to get some clips running
through the big line in the box room... Romain kills it, he goes high as fuck and
whips that shit out heavily (not his dick though).
Thanks to Adam for this flick. Enjoy

-Mark Mulville