Monday, March 15, 2010

Steve Romain interview

Young Romain is someone to keep your eyes
on i think. This kid is badass in I'm pretty sure
every way (atleast I am yet to see any bad side).
Now you can learn a little bit about this fella...

1. Name, age, what grade are you in and whats your living situation?
- Steve Romain, 10th grade, living at parents house.

2. So you ride dirt bikes as well as bmx, what did you get into first?
- Yeah i ride dirt scooters as well...I got into riding and racing dirt bikes back when i was 6 years old.
3. Whats the biggest jump you've done on your dirtbike?
- The biggest jump ive hit on my dirt scooter was 110 feet.. 4th gear wide open.. It was a blast!!

4. What do you like better candy or pizza and why?
- Candy fer sure!

5. you ever had a sick pet and no one even cared?
- Naaa when my dog is sick Mamma dukes takes it to the vet.

6. You got a girlfriend? or do you live the dog life?
- Dog life fer sure!!

7. What were you dressed as for last halloween?
- I dressed as Steve Romain last halloween haha.

8. How long have you been a wolf?
- I have been a wolf since.. late january, early february.

9. Whats your favorite beverage?
- Mountain dew!

10. Got any sweet plans coming up in the near future?
- Yeah.. deff wanna ride alot more and get a lil better at riding bicycles thats about it.

That's just a little in the life of Steve Romain.

-Mark Mulville

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