Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ryan Wert interview part 1

1. Name, age, foot size, current living situation?
- Wert,21,10,live in the parents denn

2. How long have you been a wolf?
- since before mandkind was even a thought

3. Whats your favorite bike shop? and why?
- Round 2 obviously shane is the best ever!!

4. Why do you not live in bobby's and my apartment?
- because i am stupid and dumb but stupid and not dumb all at the same time clean or dirty sheets dont matter so nut up and fuck it

5. Whats your current 3 favorite bands?
- friends jammin

6. Are you better at riding or drinking? or doing both together?
- well ....... you decide on that one

7. Being a wolf would you rather eat a bald eagle or a baby deer?
- i would for sure eat a bald deer

8. If you had to date Johnny Depp or Lil' Wayne, who would it be and why?
- lil wayne cause everyone knows he has all that jungle fuel if ya know what i am talking about.. and if you dont know than i am sure that sounds gay but suck it fuck it and grow a huge big clit!

9. Have you ever been in a cockpit?
- ummm well you could call it that i guess cause i have been in a pitt with a bunch of dudes and i guess you could call that a cock pitt i donno maybe yes no for sure or possibly all in one

10. You ever thrown a chiuaua off the roof in the projects?
- i once threw at least 4 of those dogs off all at once but you can only imagine how hurt they were cause first off they are not wolves and they cant do shit.. so i kinda felt bad for those poor excuses for k9s

Thanks Wert.

- Mark Mulville

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