Monday, March 8, 2010

Man with a plan?

Bryce Toole aka Bruce Toole is one hell of
a character, and thats not a bad thing in his
case one damn bit. I've known sir Bruce for
I'd say almost 10 years or so. I've watched
him grow and change in many ways as we all
do in growing. I think Bruce has molded himself
into who he really is now, or atleast for now.
Bruce is one of those people that does his own
thing at all times. His life is full of weirdness
and adventure, him and Jeff Smee last year
rode there bikes from Pittsburgh en route to
Orlando, the final destination was not Orlando
but they did end up getting over 700 miles in
cruising, crazy part is they were both on brakeless
bmx bikes, crazy kids i tell ya.
I was with Bruce today chatting and hanging out
and he mentioned a plan of riding the whole
continental United states hitting all the states
and doing so alone. Best of luck to him, and i know
he will pull through, this dude is for sure weird
but so amazing to be around with so much positive
attitude, meet him now.

-Mark Mulville

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