Friday, March 12, 2010

Signs of spring.

Spring is making its way slowly into our lives
lately, which means time to pick up a shovel
and get to work. Zimmer, Brody, Kevin and
others have been putting in some heavy work
now that the ground has thawed out.

Still some snow on the ground but its melting
away fast now, its about time the weather changed
up a bit in Pittsburgh and even better that
it was for the better, yes lots of rain is to come but
that's just how it goes. Soon enough trail season
will be here and happiness will be with us all.

New season, new jumps. Lots of changes been
going down at ptt, and they are looking hot.
expect big berms, big jumps, big rollers and
plenty of big smiles. The Wolves are howling
and the birds are chirping, oh and the beers a

good quote from today i heard...

"You never know what your gonna get cause
I never know what im gonna do"

...So keep the heat a coming, the boobs a bouncing and the beer still flowing.

-Mark Mulville