Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wolf art in black and white!

For years now i've been going on trips with my buddy Rob Doleki along
with just cruising trails and streets in our home towns and other places.
Through out these many years i have watched him do what he does best
over and over(shoot some of the best photos in the biz) and he has influenced
me a ton to shoot my own photos.. Now i am no where near even good at the
whole photography game but i do enjoy it tons, and with only a crappy little
point and shoot to work with I'm pretty limited to what i can do, But
like i said its just a fun and enjoyable hobby of mine and mostly because
of this non-redneck gun toting Jersey boy that i shoot what i do today!

My favorite shots have always been black and white's, So while on this last
trip i was just on with Profile Racing i took a few of my own. Nothing to write
home about or to make post cards out of but just a few photo's that i thought
looked cool in my eyes! First one being my buddy Evans dog.
I don't remember the timid pups name, but i do remember she was quite a doll.
The only time she wasn't scared to be around you was when you played
fetch with a old sliced in half tennis ball!

After spending at least - 50% of my life time in the woods digging, riding,
hiking, building forts, and more its always little things like this 'wheel barrel'
that interest me and catch my eye a lot as a cool photo! Oh well i guess,
To each his (and hers) own!

Thanks Rob D.

-Mark Mulville

Friday, July 23, 2010

Carolina's part 1. Danny

Recently went on a Profile trip to North and South Carolina and let me
just tell you right from the start it was wild, pretty much because of one
wild dude called Danny! Danny is the shit, he reminds me a lot of Ty Sty
in looks and character which in both ways are awesome...
He also put us up in his mansion and showed us a good time the whole time.

Not only did that curly haired fella have a huge awesome house to stay and party
in, he also has a sweet mini ramp in his yard that we rode a few times.
Not bad ehhhh!!!!!

Local ripper of his own ramp, Danny did tons of moves that only he could
do on it.

Thank you buddy for a great time!

-Mark Mulville

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Rippin Gypsy!

A little over a month ago a great fella/friend set off on a journey in hopes
of traveling the country, starting in his home town of Orlando Florida and heading
up the east coast then eventually out west. If this doesn't sound crazy to you then this
part of the whole journey just may... The Rippin Gypsy aka Bryce Toole aka Bruce is
making this adventure all alone and even crazier - he is on a bicycle! Woah
you say right? Right!!
Bruce recently made it to Pittsburgh PA (around 1300 miles on bike paths) where he plans on posting up for a while and doing some odd jobs for extra food and beer money and us Pittsburghers can't be happier about his choice on staying with us.
Bruce also has a blogspot called 'The Rippin Gypsy' where you can follow his adventures
and even better you can donate cash flow to him for once he gets back on the road,
So go donate!

-Mark Mulville

Jam from the back.

Now these shots from Mark Potoczny's jam the other day are the whats up!
It's always a good time out at his house cause tons of people show up not
only to ride but to hang out and party as well.
Anyway back to the pictures n@.
-Romain was going off and that's an under statement, I don't think
I've ever seen someone goes as high as he does at Mark's house. Look at him
just blasting through the trees .

Ohh and obviously Wert kills it cause he kills every damn thing..

I saw Zimmer do one of these x-ups from a distance and had
to ask him to do it again cause it was just that badass.
That's all i suppose.

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jam from the front.

Mark P. held a mini jam this past Sunday and it was quite the
turnout... A lot of badass riding went down and even better -
A lot of partying went down, but I'm here now to show you
some of the highlights from the day at a front view.
These shots are all blurry which i don't understand why because
all the shots from a back view came out pretty good (I'll post them later).

Romain cranks a turndown high as shit.

Tichenor Getting it on with a sweet ass table aka pancake.

Chuck telling you to watch out for them sucks-its with a massive whip.

Brody also saying watch it suck-its cause I'll whip your ass.

See yinz later.

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer loving..

Fun in the sun! That's been the case everyday lately (when not raining).
River heads all over the city are taking over, Be on the lookout...
Oh yeah and summer loving - Wert and Bobby having a little fling, Bobs
full of them with the fellas i guess (jk)

Doggy doing some sick stunts, Bobs been getting shit done this year
look out people, he'll stunt your face.

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To the east... part 2

Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Bethlehem... Now that's a hell of a time.
From Philly bobby and I drove an hour to ride the best trails in the world,
and for not only one day but two days, woah.

Bobby V. ripped it apart at posh blasting moves all over the place
like x-ups that'll make you wanna yell "HOLY PISSSSSS"
That's what i did atleast.

One of the gods of trails and builder for over a decade Jay bone...
Jay is such a rad dude and flows better than most people ever will.

Bobby Big wheel is one of the only few people I've ever seen actually
cruise big ass jumps on a big bike, he was whipping the shit out it left
and right, it was quite the treat to see this guy cruise and not to mention
he is also a badass dude.

Another legend and digger for more years then i can count (cause I'm
stupid) is gilly. I've been watching this dude flowing and killing the trails
in videos since i first started riding trails, pretty cool.

Thanks to all you dudes out there in Bethlehem PA. for a swell time
and not only the posh crew but the catty crew as well for having the
craziest jumps ever. all you dudes are rad mothers.

See you again soon.

-Mark Mulville