Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To the east... part 2

Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Bethlehem... Now that's a hell of a time.
From Philly bobby and I drove an hour to ride the best trails in the world,
and for not only one day but two days, woah.

Bobby V. ripped it apart at posh blasting moves all over the place
like x-ups that'll make you wanna yell "HOLY PISSSSSS"
That's what i did atleast.

One of the gods of trails and builder for over a decade Jay bone...
Jay is such a rad dude and flows better than most people ever will.

Bobby Big wheel is one of the only few people I've ever seen actually
cruise big ass jumps on a big bike, he was whipping the shit out it left
and right, it was quite the treat to see this guy cruise and not to mention
he is also a badass dude.

Another legend and digger for more years then i can count (cause I'm
stupid) is gilly. I've been watching this dude flowing and killing the trails
in videos since i first started riding trails, pretty cool.

Thanks to all you dudes out there in Bethlehem PA. for a swell time
and not only the posh crew but the catty crew as well for having the
craziest jumps ever. all you dudes are rad mothers.

See you again soon.

-Mark Mulville

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