Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wolf art in black and white!

For years now i've been going on trips with my buddy Rob Doleki along
with just cruising trails and streets in our home towns and other places.
Through out these many years i have watched him do what he does best
over and over(shoot some of the best photos in the biz) and he has influenced
me a ton to shoot my own photos.. Now i am no where near even good at the
whole photography game but i do enjoy it tons, and with only a crappy little
point and shoot to work with I'm pretty limited to what i can do, But
like i said its just a fun and enjoyable hobby of mine and mostly because
of this non-redneck gun toting Jersey boy that i shoot what i do today!

My favorite shots have always been black and white's, So while on this last
trip i was just on with Profile Racing i took a few of my own. Nothing to write
home about or to make post cards out of but just a few photo's that i thought
looked cool in my eyes! First one being my buddy Evans dog.
I don't remember the timid pups name, but i do remember she was quite a doll.
The only time she wasn't scared to be around you was when you played
fetch with a old sliced in half tennis ball!

After spending at least - 50% of my life time in the woods digging, riding,
hiking, building forts, and more its always little things like this 'wheel barrel'
that interest me and catch my eye a lot as a cool photo! Oh well i guess,
To each his (and hers) own!

Thanks Rob D.

-Mark Mulville

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