Sunday, February 28, 2010

No shoes, Still service

This one goes out to the loddy doddy in
the yellow sweater, let me suck one titty,
just one. Party vs party... The party always
wins. Wes and Hardo had a conjoined
birthday party at the trails and it was for
sure one for the books. Yuengling keg,
fire, loads of people. A time of goodness.

One place i would not want to be
shoeless at is the Casselberry trails.
But iguess someones gotta do it
i suppose. I wonder if she made it
out last night untouched and
disease free?

Lil sniggle was raging it out that's hard style
popping off son. Pk is the shit.

Evan Williams paid a proper visit to the party
last night big bottle style.. Seems to be a
every night occurrence down here which
is not a bad thing at all. Well i guess depends
on how you look at it. Half the people who
partake in Evan don't remember a thing, but
that most likely means a good night was had.

That was weak...

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wolf, yep the Wolf

If you are in, well then your in.
get at me for shirts and info...

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pre order.

If interested in some or one of
these shits, or have any questions
email the above address for info
and anything else.

-Mark Mulville

Bark at the moon.

Its a dog eat dog world, only the strong make
it out alive... I really don't even know why i
said that but oh well, i did.
Not a Wolf but close to it kato does his best
impression of a Wolf howl, and does a damn
good job at it.

Mikes dog snuck into my room last night
and stole one of my Wolf brand shirts, i asked
him for 15.00 and he game me a big ol'
bite in the ass, then he lounged around
showing it off and barking crap at me.
Thanks rufus.

New Wolf Brand col window things out now.
Get them while supplies last.
The eyes of a Wolf are more intense than a
bull shark ripping apart a baby, so be careful
looking Ryan Wert in the eyes cause anything
can happen.. I warned you.

Kato back in trouble, wanna be Wolf dog (kato)
tore apart a few kids that he wasn't fond of
and after the killing spree started he wanted
more, so he then went to attack Mr. Pain
himself (Eric Pian) but we stopped him before
he got to it, he did take a few nips at Eric though.
Bad dog, but i love him none the less, he is the best.

Watch the Eyes

-Mark Mulville

Monday, February 22, 2010

Joey of all trades

Early to bed early to rise? Truth.
Joey, Mike and myself all had an early morning
dig session at Casselberry today before they had
to go to work. Them dudes have done so much
good to the trails this year, its badass for sure.

Mr. jack of all trades joey doing some bike rack
building and many other manly jobs while
helping the Cottle family reopen Outspoken
bike shop. Obmx has been around for years, since
I started riding for i believe. They just moved
The shop into new bigger and better building, and
let me tell you its big... Check out
for shots of the new spot.

Oh joe, such a man.
Getting the tire of his recently all paid off
nice truck. ladies hope you are all ready to be
impressed by this fine young chap.

-Mark Mulville

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party At The Wolf Den?

Or maybe at Mike, Ashley and amelias house.
But either way it was a party, a solid party...
The girl to guy numbers were looking good to
and that's never a bad thing.

Even the dogs were into the party and getting
down, or i guess getting up. Rufus was pounding
drinks and found a nice pair of shades he wore
all night, they were hot. Rufus was in it to win
it last night for sure, or maybe it was his dad
who was in it for the win and i think he may have
actually one... deb may have won to though.
I guess we gotta have a show down between them.

Deb found one of the new Wolf brand shirts
samples and wore it all night, she didn't even
pay me for it... Oh well you win some you lose some.

Wolf brand vodka?

Looks like it, and looks like it did the job
just right.

Till next time pals.

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, February 20, 2010

fun in the sun

Couldn't ask for a better day better day here
in Casselberry Florida. Beautiful is the word
to describe it. Kato the legendary trail dog
even shows his appreciation for the beauty
of today.

Speaking of a good day the trails were running
the best they have so far this winter, Ryan Sher
up above shows what its like to do some cruising
on such a day with a tuck turn.

Wes found some nice comfy chairs to relax in
and catch some sun rays, his tan is kicking hard.
I'm pretty sure everyone in Florida cought a
solid tan today. I saw moms, kids, friends, and
even a few dads with tans today.

Oh look at that... Drink it in pals.

Greg smee did even have to go to jail for this
little drop, he just stepped out into the light and
boom bitch, deal with it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How does A Wolf fix it?

With fire duh.
Atleast the ones at the Casselberry trails do
it that way. Here to prove it, First using a
fire in the middle of the trails to dry out a
flat bottom inbetween 2 jumps, and it did work.

Second we use fire in the backyard to stay
warm which works obviously, and also it
fixes any boring night for damn sure.

Basically fire is a good time all the time
use it, love it.

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kyle Mcrory interview

So i haven't known this fella for to long just a
couple years, but in those couple years i've
grown to love him.
Kyle is super polite and cool to pretty much
everyone, he is one of those people who knows
the time and place for everything...
He knows how to have fun and for sure
knows how to ride a bike good.
This is kyle Mcrory

Whats your name, age, and current hometown?
-Kyle McRory 19 Pittsburgh(bridgeville)

I've noticed you ride pretty much everything from racing to vert to dirt and more, whats your favorite type of riding and why?
-There all the same to me Im just pumped everytime I get to ride

What made you get into trading stocks and all that?
-Well the old owner of my pizza shop(who eventually sold the shop to be a full time stock trader) was really good at it and tought me a lot of stuff and also in economics class in 12th grade we played the stock market game and I beat everyone including my teacher so I figure I'd give a shot for real.

How long have you been a Wolf?
-Ive been a wolf since the day I got on a bike haha.

Any plans coming up in the ner future for you?
-My plans are to hopefully pass my first year of community college and ride a lot more and get the national number 1 plate in racing for 19-25 expert. And hit up some new sets of trails and skateparks this summer. Otherwise as of now Im just tryin to get to Rays as much as I can and go to Bcubed as little as possible haha.

Who could win in a fight you or your brother taylor?
-I know for a fact I could ruin his day.

Do you have a favorite shane (from round2 bike shop) story? if so what is it?
-At the old shop I was hanging out in the back and I hear shane look at the collar id on the phone and say "oh trek of pittsburgh." Shane decides to answer saying "WAZZZZZ UPPP NIGGAAA!" Then after a short pause he says "o sorry. Well hello there paying costomer." Basically shane answered a phone call from who he thought was a friend but instead a customer calling from the trek store who coincidentally turned out to be black.

Thats all for now.

-Mark Mulville

Get Ready...

...The Wolf has some big plans in the works

Enough said

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wert And Pekich

Wert Wolf from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

Bobby Valentine and did this sweet Wert Wolf Brand edit and Round 2 edit. Thanks for that.

Also Wolf Brand designer/rider/friend was on a snowboarding trip in Colorado and had a bad wreck on the slopes, he has been in the hospital for a week or so already after having his spleen removed.. Good luck Josh and see ya soon i do hope. More on this story from josh soon.

-Mark Mulville

Young Wolf.

Young Wolf rider Steve Romain has been doing some solid riding in between school and crazy snow storms.

This fella can sure blast some shit and he proves so right here tucking up and almost reaching the moon.

Romains been making trips with other Pittsburghers to rays mountian bike park as often as possible, and he is waiting for the new line of Wolf Brand to hit the streets. Soon enough pal.

Photos: by Taylor Mcrory
Bye Bye - Mark Mulville

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Pro Team Rider......

His name his Joey Juaristi.

The contract.

Joey is a serious badass in pretty much every way possible, he kills any set of trails and pretty much anything else he rides.

Once night comes Joey is a badass in another way, The drinking way. Joey can drink so good that half the time he doesn't even remember which is really good i think.

I can drive...

Welcome to the team
-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Casselberry Trails At Night...

These are some game's or activities you can play while at the casselberry trails..

And this is how you speak to a cop while getting busted..

Check out - for all this and more
...Have fun