Saturday, February 20, 2010

fun in the sun

Couldn't ask for a better day better day here
in Casselberry Florida. Beautiful is the word
to describe it. Kato the legendary trail dog
even shows his appreciation for the beauty
of today.

Speaking of a good day the trails were running
the best they have so far this winter, Ryan Sher
up above shows what its like to do some cruising
on such a day with a tuck turn.

Wes found some nice comfy chairs to relax in
and catch some sun rays, his tan is kicking hard.
I'm pretty sure everyone in Florida cought a
solid tan today. I saw moms, kids, friends, and
even a few dads with tans today.

Oh look at that... Drink it in pals.

Greg smee did even have to go to jail for this
little drop, he just stepped out into the light and
boom bitch, deal with it.

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