Sunday, February 28, 2010

No shoes, Still service

This one goes out to the loddy doddy in
the yellow sweater, let me suck one titty,
just one. Party vs party... The party always
wins. Wes and Hardo had a conjoined
birthday party at the trails and it was for
sure one for the books. Yuengling keg,
fire, loads of people. A time of goodness.

One place i would not want to be
shoeless at is the Casselberry trails.
But iguess someones gotta do it
i suppose. I wonder if she made it
out last night untouched and
disease free?

Lil sniggle was raging it out that's hard style
popping off son. Pk is the shit.

Evan Williams paid a proper visit to the party
last night big bottle style.. Seems to be a
every night occurrence down here which
is not a bad thing at all. Well i guess depends
on how you look at it. Half the people who
partake in Evan don't remember a thing, but
that most likely means a good night was had.

That was weak...

-Mark Mulville

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