Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kyle Mcrory interview

So i haven't known this fella for to long just a
couple years, but in those couple years i've
grown to love him.
Kyle is super polite and cool to pretty much
everyone, he is one of those people who knows
the time and place for everything...
He knows how to have fun and for sure
knows how to ride a bike good.
This is kyle Mcrory

Whats your name, age, and current hometown?
-Kyle McRory 19 Pittsburgh(bridgeville)

I've noticed you ride pretty much everything from racing to vert to dirt and more, whats your favorite type of riding and why?
-There all the same to me Im just pumped everytime I get to ride

What made you get into trading stocks and all that?
-Well the old owner of my pizza shop(who eventually sold the shop to be a full time stock trader) was really good at it and tought me a lot of stuff and also in economics class in 12th grade we played the stock market game and I beat everyone including my teacher so I figure I'd give a shot for real.

How long have you been a Wolf?
-Ive been a wolf since the day I got on a bike haha.

Any plans coming up in the ner future for you?
-My plans are to hopefully pass my first year of community college and ride a lot more and get the national number 1 plate in racing for 19-25 expert. And hit up some new sets of trails and skateparks this summer. Otherwise as of now Im just tryin to get to Rays as much as I can and go to Bcubed as little as possible haha.

Who could win in a fight you or your brother taylor?
-I know for a fact I could ruin his day.

Do you have a favorite shane (from round2 bike shop) story? if so what is it?
-At the old shop I was hanging out in the back and I hear shane look at the collar id on the phone and say "oh trek of pittsburgh." Shane decides to answer saying "WAZZZZZ UPPP NIGGAAA!" Then after a short pause he says "o sorry. Well hello there paying costomer." Basically shane answered a phone call from who he thought was a friend but instead a customer calling from the trek store who coincidentally turned out to be black.

Thats all for now.

-Mark Mulville

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