Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party At The Wolf Den?

Or maybe at Mike, Ashley and amelias house.
But either way it was a party, a solid party...
The girl to guy numbers were looking good to
and that's never a bad thing.

Even the dogs were into the party and getting
down, or i guess getting up. Rufus was pounding
drinks and found a nice pair of shades he wore
all night, they were hot. Rufus was in it to win
it last night for sure, or maybe it was his dad
who was in it for the win and i think he may have
actually one... deb may have won to though.
I guess we gotta have a show down between them.

Deb found one of the new Wolf brand shirts
samples and wore it all night, she didn't even
pay me for it... Oh well you win some you lose some.

Wolf brand vodka?

Looks like it, and looks like it did the job
just right.

Till next time pals.

-Mark Mulville

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