Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bark at the moon.

Its a dog eat dog world, only the strong make
it out alive... I really don't even know why i
said that but oh well, i did.
Not a Wolf but close to it kato does his best
impression of a Wolf howl, and does a damn
good job at it.

Mikes dog snuck into my room last night
and stole one of my Wolf brand shirts, i asked
him for 15.00 and he game me a big ol'
bite in the ass, then he lounged around
showing it off and barking crap at me.
Thanks rufus.

New Wolf Brand col window things out now.
Get them while supplies last.
The eyes of a Wolf are more intense than a
bull shark ripping apart a baby, so be careful
looking Ryan Wert in the eyes cause anything
can happen.. I warned you.

Kato back in trouble, wanna be Wolf dog (kato)
tore apart a few kids that he wasn't fond of
and after the killing spree started he wanted
more, so he then went to attack Mr. Pain
himself (Eric Pian) but we stopped him before
he got to it, he did take a few nips at Eric though.
Bad dog, but i love him none the less, he is the best.

Watch the Eyes

-Mark Mulville

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