Monday, June 28, 2010

To the east... part 1

To Philly we go - Bobby V and myself took a long weekend trip
out to the eastern side of Pennsylvania recently for a little change
of pace and face... We had no plan and not many contacts which at
first seemed to be a slight problem, but as time went on everything
came together and people hooked us up with places to stay and
showed us good times from start to finish. One shower of the good times
was Jessie- who was super rad and let us stay at his house as well as
showed us some good riding spots and night spots... So thanks to him!

At one point of our unplanned adventures we ended up at
the famous and oh so amazing FDR which i watched bobby
hipping and hopping all over the place at top speeds, it was a treat to watch!

One of the many spots Jessie showed us was Maple Shade skatepark
in Jersey about 20 or so minutes from Philly. The place was badass with big
hips and tight bowls and perfect tranny. Only beef with this place is that
there is no shade anywhere, not even from the giant water tower.. oh well

Bobby and Jessie went on a date to the fountain in downtown Philly
and sorta left me 3rd wheel style so i just captured the moment, That's all

-Mark Mulville

1st place in my eyes!!

Pittsburgh native and all around good fella - Chris Doyle
has been doing it right for a number of years now in the bmx scene.
But a fact not so well known about the D-man is that he is also
an A-list actor starring in many top hit films such as...
Liar liar, The Mask, Yes Man, and many more hits we all
know and love.. Congrats Chris for such success!

While not making movies or hanging with his lovely babe
Denise - you can catch this really tall fella out at Hazelwood trails
doing some pretty heavy stunts which are seen on a daily basis.

Fellow Kink team rider and Wolf brand pro Ryan Wert
watches in awwww as Tom Ace. aka Chris Doyle floats above
showing you that you don't need arms to do a 360 on your bike...

-Mark Mulvile

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Farmboy trails...!

-Zimmer ripping the main line.

Got to take a little day trip to Farmboy trails the other day
with my buddies Brody and Zimmer... And what a time we had!

-Brody tucking up.

These trails are super fun and chill with a few different lines to choose
from and a pretty big roll in, its nothing but a swell time.
Brody was killing it all day, from start to finish he was kicking
the back end all over the place and doing nac nacs left and right..
-Told ya so... Brody kicking the shit out of it.

-Above 3 photos of some of the locals getting awesome.

These dudes have such a badass scene out there... I enjoyed riding
and hanging with them all day and can't wait to do so again.
Thanks guys for the invite.

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

20X the year of the Wolf!

As the sun falls and the moon comes into play - the Wolves come out
to do what they do best!!

...And so it starts.

Beer and more came into play (like always) and made the night
more interesting (like always)

Being to bright inside and too low to the ground we chose the roof top
for a little more excitement and dim lighting, Wert pushed the limits..

Just good ol' friends and good ol' times...

-Mark Mulville

Just a little more Chicago for you...

Clint R. ripped the whole course but it makes sense of him doing
so since he helped build it all.. The great fella even made the finals
and continued to rip against the heavy hitters... congrats bub!

The windy city sure was windy but atleast the view was rad from the roll in.

Putting in work to make sure the contest goes on Adam Aloise,
Fuzzy Hall, and Heath Pinter all gave a big helping hand in Between
rain storms..

The man the myth - Nutter... Also putting in work on the course
in many ways... Digging, Riding and looking damn good if you ask me..
Hell yeah i love this dude.

Nutter holding on through the wind.

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Redbull Stomping grounds part #8

So clearly this was a good time like I already mentioned.
But i just wanted to show other sides of the week/weekend
that you may not have seen yet such as -

Some of the legends who made it out either to ride, judge,
or snap some photos and video... Doyle, Foster, Homan, Fudger

Speaking of legends, Fuzzy hall one of the builders and
creators of the event pictured above checking out the line..
The whole Digging crew of the contest are all legends and
i wanna say thanks to you all for building some fun jumps
and only having a couple weeks to do so.
Clint, Nutter, Gilly, and Elf - all great and fun dudes.
(if i forgot anyone im sorry bubs)

The best part of the event (since it rained a load and if not raining
was windy as all hell) was all the free food and most of all free
BEER!!!!!!!! 2,400 tasty cans of pbr, This was just a pre-after party
for the real after party which took place not long after all these brews
were gone.. Thank you Redbull

Stupid rain...!!! Oh well you can't help what good ol' mother nature
gives you.. Thanks anyway miss nature.

Bye Bye!

-Mark Mulville

Monday, June 14, 2010

A hoot N' a half in the windy city - redbull style.

Redbull! What can you say about those little cans packed
with energy and wing growth minerals and such...
Well i know i can say that company is loaded with money
and they don't mind dishing large amounts out at times...

I just went to the redbull stomping grounds dirt contest right
outside downtown Chicago, with the large city skyline in the
back round and the ex-sears tower overlooking the rest of the city.
This was surely a cool event (besides the constant heavy winds and rain).

For the first couple nights our room was occupied by
myself, Chris Doyle, Kc Badger, and Adam Baker. Adam later
left the Wolves den for his own room.. Right outside our hotel
was a pretty cool sorta curb box jump set up thing that
Adam had a pretty neat session on in which i sat in and watched
and shot a few photos of. The big ol' fella ended up doing some
truck drivers on it and in one attempt ended up cutting his
little finger almost off as you can see. ouch


If you haven't seen or heard of Big Daddy then you are surely
missing some entertainment and fun times from him... This dude is
awesome to be around and always over the top about any and all
situations including his riding. After an interview from Ryan Nyquist
for Fuel tv he then went and hopped from bike to bike and many
other wild stunts on the flat ground since the rain and wind shut us
down from riding the jumps at the moment.. Big daddy still
showed everyone a good time..

I know there wasn't actually anything to do with the contest
as far as photos and such so you'll have to wait and see the wildness
on and off the bikes next time..

-Mark Mulville

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Redbull Chicago through the lence of a blackberry!

Just a quick update for you ladies and gents...
Some shots of some fellas doing some wild moves
on one of the sets at the redbull stomping grounds contest,
along with a shot of del the funky homosapien playing
the redbull after party.. what a hoot and a holler this week/weekend was!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mail to the Wolf.

Pretty sure the best mail I've ever received came in the other day
from my buddy chuck in Connecticut.. Just look at how bad ass
that is!!! I just gotta say thanks for this and all the support!

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Metal hands are all the craze!

If you've never been to McKinley skatepark in Pittsburgh
then you are surely missing out on one of the most basic
fun times at a skatepark. A few of us have been going there
a lot lately cause its never packed and even though very small,
It seems to have something for everyone to ride and like.

Fisher man Ryan has been one of the pals involved in the
good times we have been having lately, and its in no way
a bad thing.. He even does foot jams while doing metal hands
and pulls back in like he never left. Quite the fish fryer he is...

Last session we had there the other day was yet another hoot.
While were in the middle of Ryan inverting all the quarter pipes-
Southside Tom pulls up in this super nice new VW and starts
doing inverts himself, I managed to get a few good shots of
Tom doing some of them but i liked the looks of this shot of the euro
sorta tucked up air out a bit more... To each him own i guess.!

Oh well that's all for now.
Headed to Chicago in a few minutes once the plane gets here
and I outa have some good pictures and stories for you from
there. See you soon my friends and enjoy.

-Mark Mulville

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let's get a party started!

October already?!?! No not the month but the band ya
big goof.. Our buddies put on a sweet basement house
show last night and it was super badass. This band
called October played along with another band that i cant
remember the name of.. But October is sooo good, They
have an intense sound that sorta reminds me of the band
'Sword'. If you get a chance to see October then don't pass it up!

Between bands we all ended up in the kitchen upstairs and outa
no where a drum circle type thing starts with a bunch of us...
The only real instrument involved was a bongo that Wert was
handling, I don't remember any of the other items being played
except i had a beer bottle and a metal knife sorta as a drum thingy.
I'm surprised the floor didn't cave in with how hard we were stomping!

Ohhhhh Wert... He was a hoot and a half last night like always.
The little fella tried to drink a full potato out of a wine glass,
As you could imagine it did not seem to work out all that well
so instead he just took a few bites out of it, Now that's some
smart thinking. What a night!!!

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Take it to the streets, Florida style..

I got a call today from my friend John Mahoney who lives
in the beautiful and sunny Orlando Florida.
I pick up and he said "hey I'm in Pittsburgh, lets ride and chill"
So that we did.. at first the dy was not going to well with getting
booted out of some spots by the police and the traffic and the rain.
but in the end it ended up being a great day.

John has never rode in Pittsburgh so it was cool taking him to
all the usual local spots that also happen to be amazing spots.
This fella was grinding rails left and right, popping off on hips,
foot jamming, signing babies, eating pizza, grinding ledges on
both sides...
...It was a sure sight to hang and watch him kill every spot we rode.

This rail took me out hard a couple years ago and made me
never do a rain since. But Sir John settled my beef with it
by scratching it up a bit with his peggers and showing that bitch
that it aint shit.

Good times my friend!

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Wolf pals

Summer time in Pittsburgh: Lot's of friends getting together
day and night to share fun with each other, It's great...
We been having some good sessions at all the parks and even
on the streets, and when the weather is right and the earth
is dry enough we of course cruise the trails which is the best part
of summer by far..

Tyler Valentik has been doing new moves left and right, This
little fella rips and he is rad too. Today at the park he had all these
girls shouting his name and shit. goo Tyler!!!

With not seeing Bill all that often i guess Bobby V. thought
it would be a good idea to try and knock him off the deck of
the ramp while he was cruising by him at high speeds...
Lucky enough for Bill, Barbie did miss him on this Attempt,
But The next time Bill may not be so lucky... We'll see i guess.
we love you bill!

-Mark Mulvile