Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Farmboy trails...!

-Zimmer ripping the main line.

Got to take a little day trip to Farmboy trails the other day
with my buddies Brody and Zimmer... And what a time we had!

-Brody tucking up.

These trails are super fun and chill with a few different lines to choose
from and a pretty big roll in, its nothing but a swell time.
Brody was killing it all day, from start to finish he was kicking
the back end all over the place and doing nac nacs left and right..
-Told ya so... Brody kicking the shit out of it.

-Above 3 photos of some of the locals getting awesome.

These dudes have such a badass scene out there... I enjoyed riding
and hanging with them all day and can't wait to do so again.
Thanks guys for the invite.

-Mark Mulville


  1. How are those trails and how far away from pgh are they

  2. wow they look real good! i need to make it out there!