Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let's get a party started!

October already?!?! No not the month but the band ya
big goof.. Our buddies put on a sweet basement house
show last night and it was super badass. This band
called October played along with another band that i cant
remember the name of.. But October is sooo good, They
have an intense sound that sorta reminds me of the band
'Sword'. If you get a chance to see October then don't pass it up!

Between bands we all ended up in the kitchen upstairs and outa
no where a drum circle type thing starts with a bunch of us...
The only real instrument involved was a bongo that Wert was
handling, I don't remember any of the other items being played
except i had a beer bottle and a metal knife sorta as a drum thingy.
I'm surprised the floor didn't cave in with how hard we were stomping!

Ohhhhh Wert... He was a hoot and a half last night like always.
The little fella tried to drink a full potato out of a wine glass,
As you could imagine it did not seem to work out all that well
so instead he just took a few bites out of it, Now that's some
smart thinking. What a night!!!

-Mark Mulville

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