Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Redbull Stomping grounds part #8

So clearly this was a good time like I already mentioned.
But i just wanted to show other sides of the week/weekend
that you may not have seen yet such as -

Some of the legends who made it out either to ride, judge,
or snap some photos and video... Doyle, Foster, Homan, Fudger

Speaking of legends, Fuzzy hall one of the builders and
creators of the event pictured above checking out the line..
The whole Digging crew of the contest are all legends and
i wanna say thanks to you all for building some fun jumps
and only having a couple weeks to do so.
Clint, Nutter, Gilly, and Elf - all great and fun dudes.
(if i forgot anyone im sorry bubs)

The best part of the event (since it rained a load and if not raining
was windy as all hell) was all the free food and most of all free
BEER!!!!!!!! 2,400 tasty cans of pbr, This was just a pre-after party
for the real after party which took place not long after all these brews
were gone.. Thank you Redbull

Stupid rain...!!! Oh well you can't help what good ol' mother nature
gives you.. Thanks anyway miss nature.

Bye Bye!

-Mark Mulville

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