Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blood and NEW hats...

Went riding with Wert for a bit yesterday around the
streets before getting caught in a dirty rain storm.
Wert was killing it (like always) but with ripping as
hard as he was on the bike he also ripped his leg
half off. Only being held on by some skin he still
cruised like nothing ever happen...

Lil' Wert looks like a hard dude, just saying dont fuck with him.

The new hats are in and ready to be worn by everyone..
Get at me to order them up and ill give you the prices and
all that shit you need to know.
xfaceheadfacex@hotmail.com - Mark M.

With the new hats in and Wert shredding in one of them
he ended up turning into a wolf and eating the rest of his
leg off. crazy little booger he is. But we fund a new leg in
an ally way off east carson st. and we sewed it all up
so he'll be back in no time.

As you can see the sew job went well looks just like his
other leg but the surgery put him out as you can also see.
goodluck Ryan!

-Mark Mulville

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