Monday, June 28, 2010

1st place in my eyes!!

Pittsburgh native and all around good fella - Chris Doyle
has been doing it right for a number of years now in the bmx scene.
But a fact not so well known about the D-man is that he is also
an A-list actor starring in many top hit films such as...
Liar liar, The Mask, Yes Man, and many more hits we all
know and love.. Congrats Chris for such success!

While not making movies or hanging with his lovely babe
Denise - you can catch this really tall fella out at Hazelwood trails
doing some pretty heavy stunts which are seen on a daily basis.

Fellow Kink team rider and Wolf brand pro Ryan Wert
watches in awwww as Tom Ace. aka Chris Doyle floats above
showing you that you don't need arms to do a 360 on your bike...

-Mark Mulvile

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