Thursday, June 3, 2010

Take it to the streets, Florida style..

I got a call today from my friend John Mahoney who lives
in the beautiful and sunny Orlando Florida.
I pick up and he said "hey I'm in Pittsburgh, lets ride and chill"
So that we did.. at first the dy was not going to well with getting
booted out of some spots by the police and the traffic and the rain.
but in the end it ended up being a great day.

John has never rode in Pittsburgh so it was cool taking him to
all the usual local spots that also happen to be amazing spots.
This fella was grinding rails left and right, popping off on hips,
foot jamming, signing babies, eating pizza, grinding ledges on
both sides...
...It was a sure sight to hang and watch him kill every spot we rode.

This rail took me out hard a couple years ago and made me
never do a rain since. But Sir John settled my beef with it
by scratching it up a bit with his peggers and showing that bitch
that it aint shit.

Good times my friend!

-Mark Mulville

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  1. thats so random what was he doing up there