Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Wolf pals

Summer time in Pittsburgh: Lot's of friends getting together
day and night to share fun with each other, It's great...
We been having some good sessions at all the parks and even
on the streets, and when the weather is right and the earth
is dry enough we of course cruise the trails which is the best part
of summer by far..

Tyler Valentik has been doing new moves left and right, This
little fella rips and he is rad too. Today at the park he had all these
girls shouting his name and shit. goo Tyler!!!

With not seeing Bill all that often i guess Bobby V. thought
it would be a good idea to try and knock him off the deck of
the ramp while he was cruising by him at high speeds...
Lucky enough for Bill, Barbie did miss him on this Attempt,
But The next time Bill may not be so lucky... We'll see i guess.
we love you bill!

-Mark Mulvile

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