Friday, May 28, 2010

Josh Pekich. The solo Wolf digger.

Mr. Pekich has been in the Pittsburgh trails scene for quite
some time now and he sure has put in work at pretty much
every surrounding spot as well. But a couple years ago
Josh started his own sweet spot in Robinson PA, right outside
Pittsburgh just a few miles.
Check josh ripping a blurry whipper snapper on the big ol' hipper
at the bottom of the hll.

At the moment only one main line is built and running but
the line has it all already...
...Hips, Long and lows, Booster jumps, and rollers
shit what else do ya need except more of what he already has.

Oh yeah and check back asap for the NEW
WOLF Brand Hat's..
They are the rad-ness.

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the woods we were born!

A lot of changes have occurred in the Pittsburgh trails
scene this year. Some good, most bad. But with bad comes
good (or atleast i think!)
One good thing of it all is that Hazelwood trails are
becoming what it could have and should have been already.
Tons of digging has been going down with a good number
of pals and some great sessions have already went down as well.

Part of the newest line pictured above.. This line is badass...
It's pretty chill for the most part but at the same time It's
- Super fast, pretty big, and pretty long (with more to come.)

New ways being thought of and built everyday it seems
to go in and out of lines and for new lines to be added
soon enough.
Really i just wanted to come out and say this spot has a
reputation for being super insane and impossible jumps
(which some are pretty insane and scary) but for the most
part they are just good fun and if you know how to ride a
bike and ride though some trails you can most likely hammer
these puppies out as well. Go get you self a nice shovel or
barrow one thats out there and throw a few piles of dirt
and then hop on the rig and cruise on through.
Check out Tom Arkus's site for more updates
on the trails and many other bad ass bmx bits you would want to see..


-Mark Mulville

Wolves in New England!

This is TRAILS...

Check out Circuit bmx for your Wolf Brand needs
and desires along with many other sweet products and bikes..

-Mark Mulville

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Wolf Brand rider?

Meet Jay Sean..
This fella is the newest and best rider on Wolf brand.
Sorry to the other riders but truth be told.

We gotta get Jay Sean a bigger bike to rip on.
His favorite quote is "are we hanging out"

-Mark Mulville

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bobby hopped Pittsburgh..??

Recently Bobby, Fisher and myself set up the bunny hop
bar at round 2 bmx shop just to see if we still knew how
to hop without tranny. So we all end up getting up to
37 inches which came as a surprise to us. But being all
excited and worked up we decide to go ride some street
and hop everything in sight. That was a few weeks ago.

Now still on a roll, bobby continues to hop every known
obstacle in in the greater Pittsburgh area, along with many
other wild moves... Above these few words he tire rides
the upright of this over-bar high bike rack right after
hopping over it 20 time and me missing every shot of it like an idiot.
And at the very top above this picture he nails a damn
nose bonk on a few inch wide kinked ledge, its some scary shit,
But he did it a few times and all successfully...

Bobby eyes up not only the rail hop into a huge hill,
but also dory the crazy action boxer dog down the hill
and her very intelligent, attractive, and outgoing owner
whos name i forgot when she introduced her self to us.

Not only a plant on the ledge but this was a fast plant
while overlooking pittsburgh's skyline from the northside.

This is one you dont see everyday, The x-up rail hop.
shit was badass, i again sorta missed this shot cause
his bars were definitely atleast twisted in the 270
position if not more.. but you get it anyway...


-Mark Mulville

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doing what they do best..

This is a slide show of some good times with good friends.
Take it as you will......

-Mark Mulville

Friday, May 21, 2010

Philly part 3.

Philadelphia!!! Pretty swell city if i might say so.
Gooooo Van!

Philly is home to many great pizza shops where
the slices are pretty damn big also and for a reasonable
price. Go to Philly and get some.


Party time!!!
This is what bill Brown turns into after downing a few brews.
Its quite a time to treasure and enjoy.
ask him out and buy him some drinks.

Sorry not to much to say in this post, I'm in a hurry...

-Mark Mulville

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Van goes dumpster diving??

The last day in Philly was a hoot to watch for sure.
We cruised along side of Van Homan for the day and
it was like watching a video part. First he decides to
tire ride the dumpster which was sweet..

Then of course that couldn't be enough!! So he manuals
it, Then he bars out of the manual, and more and more
and more.. Then he was looking for shoes in and anything
else he can jump in the dumpster for, But while jumping in
he accidentally caught his pegs on the inside of it..
But the quick thinker managed to hop back to reality back
to the ground... Not bad Van.

The banger! The darn guy does a tail whip off...
I mean what the shit is he thinking whipping
off dumpsters and all.. oh well i guess..
Van is a great dude to hang out with, party with,
ride with and who knows maybe even to be with!?
But sorry ladies he is taken.
Check out Van's bike shop Two by Four

-Mark Mulville

Monday, May 17, 2010

Philly trip part 1. Gannwear

Pittsburgh to Philadelphia... That was the most recent
trip that went down for myself and a few other
Pittsburghers (Tommy, Mike, bill, myself).
The trip was super badass even though only lasting
a weekend, it seemed like so much happened in those
3 days.

Bill Brown captured many of the moments that
would be considered good times on the bmx bikes.

We had the honor of staying at Dan's house which
was just blocks from downtown. Having met Dan a
few times before i knew he was a awesome dude, But
actually getting to hang out, stay with and ride with
him was super badass. That fella did so much sweet
shit on his bike while cruising the streets of Philly.

After scoping out this rail ride that was wobbly
and quick he ended up nailing it right off the bat
and doing it as good as can be done.
...Oh and he is just as awesome to hang out
with not on the bikes as well which always makes
someone that much better, cant wait to hang again

Part 2 of philly coming up... just wait!

-Mark Mulville

Fisher runs a muck!

These last few months I've had the privilege of
riding and hanging out with Ryan Fisher pretty
much everyday (and of course Bobby Valentine).

With that said i have grown to love his heated
tempered little ass! Well and his riding!!
...Oh and again this kid can hop. Look how high
over the rail he gets on these 2 shots above
(my favorite being the city back round shot).

You can't win them all fisher learns while pouting
on the curb at the M.L.K. hips in the North side
of Pittsburgh. Fisher was going for some big moves
and a few just didn't work out best for him, but
there is always next time ehh...

The hips here are a pretty popular spot for sure.
Having seen visitors from across the world they
have had basically everything done on them already,
so Ryan takes it easy with a clean table-top and tuck up
while a ton of little kids yell and scream his name
next to us in the baseball field..

Dang Ryan... Rippin it

-Mark Mulville

Friday, May 14, 2010

My buddy Gregory Satori down south doing
has made this pretty sweet slide show of some good ol' times
at the casselberry trails... Check it out

Hereforkicks' April 2010 period from Gregory Smee on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The city of Wolves

Not only the city of champions, but also
the city of Wolves and wildness. This city
is the one the only Pittsburgh.

Now that's what i call a view right there.

Drink it in my friends...

-Mark Mulville

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It starts with one...

So i mentioned a while ago about how the Wolf Brand
buttons go good really anywhere. Shane from round 2
started the trend of button nipple placement, were he actually
put the button Through his nipple. Well here is another
version of the button and the ......

-Mark Mulville

Woodward n@

A few of the gang took a day trip out to Woodward
the other day for a session with the big dogs and
one of the super stars of bmx Chis Doyle...
Oh and the one and only Johnny Z was in the house.

I'll just sorta give some captions for the
following pictures you are here viewing.

Tom Arkus above blasting the spine in cloud 9,
i wasn't able to get any better shots ofTom but
i will say he killed it all day.

Sir Doyle doing a cute 180 over the spine
also in cloud 9. I think when D-man rides
his brain is on cloud 9, just what i think.

Chris got pissed about some shit and flipped out.

I said "don't look at me" but what did he do???
Looked at me while doing a 360 table

That's all...

-Mark Mulville

He can dance if he wants to!!!!!

Not much more to say about this except
that this kid can sure dance, and go high.
Go fisher

-Mark Muville