Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Van goes dumpster diving??

The last day in Philly was a hoot to watch for sure.
We cruised along side of Van Homan for the day and
it was like watching a video part. First he decides to
tire ride the dumpster which was sweet..

Then of course that couldn't be enough!! So he manuals
it, Then he bars out of the manual, and more and more
and more.. Then he was looking for shoes in and anything
else he can jump in the dumpster for, But while jumping in
he accidentally caught his pegs on the inside of it..
But the quick thinker managed to hop back to reality back
to the ground... Not bad Van.

The banger! The darn guy does a tail whip off...
I mean what the shit is he thinking whipping
off dumpsters and all.. oh well i guess..
Van is a great dude to hang out with, party with,
ride with and who knows maybe even to be with!?
But sorry ladies he is taken.
Check out Van's bike shop Two by Four

-Mark Mulville