Monday, May 17, 2010

Fisher runs a muck!

These last few months I've had the privilege of
riding and hanging out with Ryan Fisher pretty
much everyday (and of course Bobby Valentine).

With that said i have grown to love his heated
tempered little ass! Well and his riding!!
...Oh and again this kid can hop. Look how high
over the rail he gets on these 2 shots above
(my favorite being the city back round shot).

You can't win them all fisher learns while pouting
on the curb at the M.L.K. hips in the North side
of Pittsburgh. Fisher was going for some big moves
and a few just didn't work out best for him, but
there is always next time ehh...

The hips here are a pretty popular spot for sure.
Having seen visitors from across the world they
have had basically everything done on them already,
so Ryan takes it easy with a clean table-top and tuck up
while a ton of little kids yell and scream his name
next to us in the baseball field..

Dang Ryan... Rippin it

-Mark Mulville

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