Monday, May 17, 2010

Philly trip part 1. Gannwear

Pittsburgh to Philadelphia... That was the most recent
trip that went down for myself and a few other
Pittsburghers (Tommy, Mike, bill, myself).
The trip was super badass even though only lasting
a weekend, it seemed like so much happened in those
3 days.

Bill Brown captured many of the moments that
would be considered good times on the bmx bikes.

We had the honor of staying at Dan's house which
was just blocks from downtown. Having met Dan a
few times before i knew he was a awesome dude, But
actually getting to hang out, stay with and ride with
him was super badass. That fella did so much sweet
shit on his bike while cruising the streets of Philly.

After scoping out this rail ride that was wobbly
and quick he ended up nailing it right off the bat
and doing it as good as can be done.
...Oh and he is just as awesome to hang out
with not on the bikes as well which always makes
someone that much better, cant wait to hang again

Part 2 of philly coming up... just wait!

-Mark Mulville

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