Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter? Whats that?

This is the winter i like...
wert and i have been swimming, boating around with shovels as paddles, riding trails shirtless, and so much crazy shit for sure that doesn't happen often in the winter, it's amazing for sure.

Okay im done for now gotta get back to cruising the trails with wert and the rest of the dudes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Wert????

So i arrived in casselberry friday night and within 30 minutes Wert is spraying projectile vomit like crazy and raging harder then hell which is what i expected and hoped for. What a damn good time we had and the damn good times haven't exactly stopped yet, speaking of a good time the best part is being in a t-shirt and still sweating my ass off in january, its crazy...
If you have some free time, a few extra bucks and hate the winter then you should make the trip to casselberry and rage your dick off cause that will happen, you will be dickless.
In the top picture wert is playing drums while eric the guitar player in andrew wk plays guitar, Wert is a hell of a good drumer by the way.
Bottom picture is Mr. Wert again passed out in the driveway and getting ready to love life the next day.

well friends don't freeze and have fun...

-mark mulville

Friday, January 22, 2010

A dog in heat?

... A freak without warning?
I would for sure say a freak without warning for this fella. So Mr. Wert finaly made it to casselberry the other day along with Mark Potoczny to ride trails, drink beers, and have a damn good time with all the great people who call casselberry there home.
As you can see plenty of mid day drinking is going down which is fully expected and Ryan Wert gets a few more runs in before having some drinks himself and possibly chugging some odd item or getting naked and adding to everyones already good times.

Turndown performed by Ryan Wert
Photography performed by Mike Cottle
Beer drinking performed by good people

check out for more good times

See you soon all my fellow casselberry natives...
-mark mulville

Monday, January 18, 2010

rider on the road

So the Brand has one rider at this time like i mentioned in the first post, That rider is Ryan Wert. If you have not heard of Wert you sure as hell will soon enough. He had some awesome clips in the new Ride BMX video that came out recently and also a pretty sweet little write up in the first issue of CASE BMX magazine...

Bottom line is that the kid is amazing and he is one of the most wild people i have ever seen on and off his bike(all in a good way).
At the moment Wert is on a road trip with mark potoczny, They left Pittsburgh and headed off to Austin TX. and now they are on the way to Casselberry FL. I'm still waiting to hear from them and all about the wild shit that I'm sure has gone down already and will go down in Casselberry as well. Soon I'll be flying down to Casselberry to meet up with those guys and also stay a bit longer to escape a bit of the winter here in the north, So soon enough the stories will be posted and your minds will be blown.
Till next time.........

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Wolf, round 1

2010 the year of the Wolf

The Wolf Brand was started deep in the woods of a small town in western Pennsylvania known as Pittsburgh, and founded late in the summer of 2009.
With only one design and one team rider at the moment the wolf has no direction to go except up, so up she goes. As we speak top designers are working on new Wolf Brand material for 2010 and the guys in the office have been having meetings to discuss expanding the team, plans to add 4 more wolves will make a team up of 5 wolves.
Also in the future is a Wolf Brand team video and trips so stay tuned...