Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Wert????

So i arrived in casselberry friday night and within 30 minutes Wert is spraying projectile vomit like crazy and raging harder then hell which is what i expected and hoped for. What a damn good time we had and the damn good times haven't exactly stopped yet, speaking of a good time the best part is being in a t-shirt and still sweating my ass off in january, its crazy...
If you have some free time, a few extra bucks and hate the winter then you should make the trip to casselberry and rage your dick off cause that will happen, you will be dickless.
In the top picture wert is playing drums while eric the guitar player in andrew wk plays guitar, Wert is a hell of a good drumer by the way.
Bottom picture is Mr. Wert again passed out in the driveway and getting ready to love life the next day.

well friends don't freeze and have fun...

-mark mulville

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