Thursday, May 6, 2010

Woodward n@

A few of the gang took a day trip out to Woodward
the other day for a session with the big dogs and
one of the super stars of bmx Chis Doyle...
Oh and the one and only Johnny Z was in the house.

I'll just sorta give some captions for the
following pictures you are here viewing.

Tom Arkus above blasting the spine in cloud 9,
i wasn't able to get any better shots ofTom but
i will say he killed it all day.

Sir Doyle doing a cute 180 over the spine
also in cloud 9. I think when D-man rides
his brain is on cloud 9, just what i think.

Chris got pissed about some shit and flipped out.

I said "don't look at me" but what did he do???
Looked at me while doing a 360 table

That's all...

-Mark Mulville

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