Monday, May 24, 2010

Bobby hopped Pittsburgh..??

Recently Bobby, Fisher and myself set up the bunny hop
bar at round 2 bmx shop just to see if we still knew how
to hop without tranny. So we all end up getting up to
37 inches which came as a surprise to us. But being all
excited and worked up we decide to go ride some street
and hop everything in sight. That was a few weeks ago.

Now still on a roll, bobby continues to hop every known
obstacle in in the greater Pittsburgh area, along with many
other wild moves... Above these few words he tire rides
the upright of this over-bar high bike rack right after
hopping over it 20 time and me missing every shot of it like an idiot.
And at the very top above this picture he nails a damn
nose bonk on a few inch wide kinked ledge, its some scary shit,
But he did it a few times and all successfully...

Bobby eyes up not only the rail hop into a huge hill,
but also dory the crazy action boxer dog down the hill
and her very intelligent, attractive, and outgoing owner
whos name i forgot when she introduced her self to us.

Not only a plant on the ledge but this was a fast plant
while overlooking pittsburgh's skyline from the northside.

This is one you dont see everyday, The x-up rail hop.
shit was badass, i again sorta missed this shot cause
his bars were definitely atleast twisted in the 270
position if not more.. but you get it anyway...


-Mark Mulville