Friday, May 28, 2010

Josh Pekich. The solo Wolf digger.

Mr. Pekich has been in the Pittsburgh trails scene for quite
some time now and he sure has put in work at pretty much
every surrounding spot as well. But a couple years ago
Josh started his own sweet spot in Robinson PA, right outside
Pittsburgh just a few miles.
Check josh ripping a blurry whipper snapper on the big ol' hipper
at the bottom of the hll.

At the moment only one main line is built and running but
the line has it all already...
...Hips, Long and lows, Booster jumps, and rollers
shit what else do ya need except more of what he already has.

Oh yeah and check back asap for the NEW
WOLF Brand Hat's..
They are the rad-ness.

-Mark Mulville


  1. wow, I'd like to know where these are... I'll build.

  2. Just rode there is sick..smooth as a baby bottom..Andy