Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the woods we were born!

A lot of changes have occurred in the Pittsburgh trails
scene this year. Some good, most bad. But with bad comes
good (or atleast i think!)
One good thing of it all is that Hazelwood trails are
becoming what it could have and should have been already.
Tons of digging has been going down with a good number
of pals and some great sessions have already went down as well.

Part of the newest line pictured above.. This line is badass...
It's pretty chill for the most part but at the same time It's
- Super fast, pretty big, and pretty long (with more to come.)

New ways being thought of and built everyday it seems
to go in and out of lines and for new lines to be added
soon enough.
Really i just wanted to come out and say this spot has a
reputation for being super insane and impossible jumps
(which some are pretty insane and scary) but for the most
part they are just good fun and if you know how to ride a
bike and ride though some trails you can most likely hammer
these puppies out as well. Go get you self a nice shovel or
barrow one thats out there and throw a few piles of dirt
and then hop on the rig and cruise on through.
Check out Tom Arkus's site for more updates
on the trails and many other bad ass bmx bits you would want to see..


-Mark Mulville