Monday, February 22, 2010

Joey of all trades

Early to bed early to rise? Truth.
Joey, Mike and myself all had an early morning
dig session at Casselberry today before they had
to go to work. Them dudes have done so much
good to the trails this year, its badass for sure.

Mr. jack of all trades joey doing some bike rack
building and many other manly jobs while
helping the Cottle family reopen Outspoken
bike shop. Obmx has been around for years, since
I started riding for i believe. They just moved
The shop into new bigger and better building, and
let me tell you its big... Check out
for shots of the new spot.

Oh joe, such a man.
Getting the tire of his recently all paid off
nice truck. ladies hope you are all ready to be
impressed by this fine young chap.

-Mark Mulville