Friday, July 16, 2010

The Rippin Gypsy!

A little over a month ago a great fella/friend set off on a journey in hopes
of traveling the country, starting in his home town of Orlando Florida and heading
up the east coast then eventually out west. If this doesn't sound crazy to you then this
part of the whole journey just may... The Rippin Gypsy aka Bryce Toole aka Bruce is
making this adventure all alone and even crazier - he is on a bicycle! Woah
you say right? Right!!
Bruce recently made it to Pittsburgh PA (around 1300 miles on bike paths) where he plans on posting up for a while and doing some odd jobs for extra food and beer money and us Pittsburghers can't be happier about his choice on staying with us.
Bruce also has a blogspot called 'The Rippin Gypsy' where you can follow his adventures
and even better you can donate cash flow to him for once he gets back on the road,
So go donate!

-Mark Mulville

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