Monday, March 22, 2010

Wolves come out in the spring.

What a day i tell... Southpark cement skatepark
and bmx track are finaly open which means
spring is up and running smoothly.

Everyone came out of hibernating to come cruise
Southpark and everyone was sure excited to be
back on there bikes outdoors. Adam was
foot jamming everything in site, it was badass.

I think bobby v. has the most wild lines I've seen
yet at southpark. If i had video of him it would
make more sense but who cares just take my word
for it.

Joey showed up straight to ripping, I saw out
the corner of my eye a bike flying in the sky
and a long ass leg kicking the back of the over
vert thingy and sure enough it was joey
doing the wild fast plant you are prolly
peeping at right now.

Of course master blaster himself Kyle Mcrory
shows up to out do everyone going full speed at
everything in sight, This bub is a treat to watch.

A dog in the making Romain, always
super excited to be just cruising on his
bmx. Steve is a natural bottom line.
Super smooth and flows everything.
Love it...

-Mark Mulville

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