Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wert does Austin Texas!

Ryan Wert! Damn....
A god amongst humans? A alien disguised as a person? A boy?
A man?????? You make the call people....

I recently spent a week in Austin Texas where Wert has been staying for quite some
time now staying with Stew Johnson, which is the very same spot i layed
my head, so i got to hear all the wild and craziness that comes out of his mouth.
Wert is one of my favorite people to be around in almost every way!
Always up for fun, always entertaining, always looking fly. Not sure where I'm
going with any of this, but whatever...

In the top photo: Ryan Wert gets some ink work done on his leg.

This wild little tyke killed every spot we rode in Austin, That's for damn sure!
Watching him ride the Empire ramp was quite a treat!

Here Wert Lays the bike out with only one hand gripped on.
What we'd call a: One Handed Table

Of course being the strange but amazing little character he is,
Wert rips on a scooter as well...

Airing out a few feet on Stew's ramp in his yard..
Woohoo Wert!

You can't just scooter a ramp in any clothing, DUH!!!!!!!
Wert shows you all what to wear while cruising a scoot.

-Mark Mulville

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