Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visit to the Nike Pool.

Took a trip yesterday to the Nike pool in the London area with
the guys from Pijin bmx shop in Southampton UK .
The Pool was insanely Good except how slippery it was, but that's
okay.. Just getting to ride it was good enough!

My camera died after taking a few shots, But I managed
to capture this one photo of Robbie Legg hitting the box,
early in session...
Thanks to Nike, and big Thanks to Pijin for letting me tag along.

Also in Wolf Brand news -
Pijin just picked up 4 of the new WOLF BRAND designs for the
shop and web store.. As of now Pijin is the only UK shop
with the Wolf Brand goodies in stock, So hit them up!

-Mark Mulville

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