Friday, April 9, 2010

Song, song of the South

Casselberry Florida is nothing but a good time
all the time, even when your sitting around it's
still somehow awesome as shit. So that being said
why would we not make it our final destination
on the trip....?

The Wolves were in full effect with the full moon
raging up above us, somehow stickers started to appear
near girls booty holes even, crazy but good
and we all know that good is good enough.

Father party himself Eric Payne got a keg because
he knows how to have a good time and that we did.
Another solid party boy Bobby V. gave the keg hell
from start to finish, that guy can sure drink a brew
down hard and heavy. I bet he'll out drink you.....?

The party is not over yet.
(check sideline dudes face)

Beer Beer Beer and fuck it Beer. If you have ever
seen any of the Dr Steve Brule then you should
ask Garret Guilliams to show you his impression
but try and pop the question while yourself and
him have plenty of brews inside your body.

For your wine

-Mark Mulville


  1. thanks for the comment, gotta love florida partys