Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wert gets Fat

Profiler : FAT FAVORITE list with Ryan Wert
Posted by Bart on 2010/4/14 1:30:00 (165 reads)

Name: Ryan Wert
Age: 21
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Kink bike co, Wolf Brand Clothing, Round 2 bmx shop, Sun Ringle

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Imperial Cement park
-BMX video: Welcome 2 Pittsburgh vids
-Web video: anything that is fun
-Food: pizza
-Travel destination: anywhere that a good time is to be had
-Riders to ride with: Mulville, Potoczny bros, Bobby V, Casey Seech, Joe Pacotinni
-Car: VW

-Movie: too many to name
-Colour: black
-Shoes: comfortable ones

-Bike company: Kink
-BMX contest: Brawlin at the Belmar
-Bike shop: Round 2

-Restaurant chain: Taco Bell
-Clothing company: Wolf brand
-Phone: whatever works
-Music: anything to get pumped on and sing

-Ramp rider: Tom Dugan
-Street rider: Joe Pacotinni
-Dirt rider: Mark Mulville
-Flatland rider: Jeff Smee
-Old school rider: Glenn Johnson even though he is not old

-Drink: Beers
-Trick: Air time
-BMX Magazine: Case
-Video game: life is a video game

-BMX photographer: friends that are pumped
-Sport besides BMX: skullball
-Party: everynight

-Mark Mulville

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